Friday, November 8, 2013

Young and Beautiful

It has become a ritual for me to relate a photo shoot with a song and I usually put the title of the song as title of my post (like I'm doing now)! That's because music is really important to me; it inspires and talks for me. And since I'm talking for inspiration, Lana Del Rey is one of them. I've always loved her songs and the mood in them. Maybe that's because every time I listen to them, they make me think of something related to my life or life in general....I was in one of my friend's house after I finished some outside pictures, and as I was trying some combinations with my accessories on my pale sweater I had on, we (me and Rea) ended up having these 'adorable' spontaneous pictures in the corner of the room. She just took the camera and as we were talking she just did what she always does : capture the moment ! 'Adorable' I call them, maybe bragging ?! well...maybe NOT !...The reason why I love so much photography and love having so much pictures is that a picture shows so much more than an 'outside' person can "read" by just looking at it. Just by one photo you bring to your forehead all the 'backstage' memories of it ! And I'm loving the backstage here, where you don't have to force yourself on making poses, you just smile and 'make love to the camera' (as we say :P)...And here I am feeling Young and Beautiful like we all should feel ! I would stay here all day talking to you about this, but I think I've done it to many times (:P) so I'm just advising you my dear friends : 
"Enjoy life and live it your age, don't try growing up and looking older. Feel young and beautiful, keep it simple and open-minded. Be yourself and never give up on that ! In the end you'll be the only person you'll have by your side !!! "

♥ Kiki ♥


  1. I love the arrangement on this song! It's really beautiful

  2. I love love love Lana, she's my favourite, I used to have all my posts entitled after her songs but then I told myself I was becoming predictable haha. The photo 100% matches the song!

    Have a great weekend,
    Mary x

  3. Great choice :) You look amazing

  4. The photo is very beautiful Kiki!


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