Sunday, May 22, 2011

The project that changed my life

Wrote on May 20th in the evening:
"I am feeling like I'm in a dream..Like I'm living someone else's life...I am exhausted, my head hurts, no my brain hurts, my feet are burning, my hands are tired and I still have this incredible feeling inside. I never thought to be so strong, so powerful, so determined and such a great fighter...This wasn't a big project like I've said before, this was a new chapter in my life, a door to something beautiful, a moment that I will always remember and I know that for sure now. In these past few weeks I've learned a lot, about me and people around me. I learned to fight and survive, there were people who wanted me down, but I won and I'm proud for me! After I walked in the stage tears felt from my eyes and I was so happy, I thought this would be the case: 'To good to be true', but No...It was true, I made it, not alone of course, but I did it! I'm thankful to people who were with me all way long, who supported me realizing my dream and of course a big thank goes to my models who were with me all day long and without them I would never get so far, those girls made me proud and I am so proud for them! They showed my work in the best way and I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life"...

In many posts I have been talking about my big project, but I never told you what this BIG project was about. I didn't cuz I wanted to surprise you! This project was planed in March 14th, but it was removed so I did it in my school festival on May 20th(a festival we do every year for the name of my school, cuz the name it has a story)... 
I have dreams and my big dream is to be a stylist and I think I'm in the right road. This is my first runway, my first collection and my first big creation. I had 12 models and I made 12 pieces of clothing using recycling materials. It was a hard, stressful, tiring work but in the end everything was perfect, better than I thought! This all thing was an idea of mine and I knew I had to work hard, but this was the right time to see if I could do it and I got the answer. I worked in home for some clothing pieces, but for the basically I had to work on that day. I worked from 11AM to 6PM. Everything went great, even though there was time when I thought I didn't have much time and got a lil' bit "crazy"! Well; I was stressed so I think this defends me! I hope you like what I've done and comment me as soon as you see this post! I really want to know what you think of all this! Sorry for some pics for being shadowy!

Teaching the models how to walk in line
One day before the runway I did to all models the nails. Simple design: zebra nails with white and black color, one common color for all the girls! After finishing their nails my brain was "ZEBRA"... But still we had fun, talking girlie things and gossiping! Angela helped me cleaning the models nails, I designed them on the other hand! 
The big day arrived! I had to work...

                                       Are you ready?! Better be...

Nertila- the youngest one

Pranvera - Barbie(everyone call her like that, she is really girlie and feminine)

Laura - The Juliet

Klea - Flapper

Besi - Every-day comfortable Dress

Elona - Party Dress

Ina - Nightclub Dress

Arda - Cocktail Dress

Xhesi - Playful Dress

Sara - Evening Dress

Frenki - Tinkerbell(she reminds me of her), she represents my brand

Frida - GaGa Bride, my masterpiece 

Kiki - The stylist 

Girls of Janku family

Me stresses and freaked out

                                                                   The Runway

                                                             After Runway

These are just a few pics from millions, but I hope you enjoyed your time with me!

♥ Kiki ♥                    


  1. beautiful photos from your school

  2. Amazing clothes!!!
    Congrats darling :D*


  3. Great job my dear ! I promisse to work back stage whenever you want me too in your future, although I will have to miss the show, as I did... lol !
    You are so talented my love, never doubt that !
    Mastepiece !


  4. Congrats dear :)
    Love the cocktail dress!

  5. Everything was amazing .You really worked really hard for all this and trust me the models had the most great experience working for you as they told me !!!1 Is smth that nobody could never forget not only the persons near to you but also the simply viewers!!!

  6. Awesome job!!!! Are you gonna study fahion design???

  7. Congratulations dear . You have my full support.
    Next time , I'm coming too to haelp you backstage. And one day we'll be seeing you at Milan Fashion Week.

  8. I just have seen some pics in Eranda´s blog.
    I love your work, and i bet it was funny.

    You are very talented

    regards from Spain

  9. WOWZA!!! u made all those?! AMAZING!! AMAZING!

  10. Hi Kiki! OMG, I'm so amazed by your creations! I can't believe you put them all together using only recycled materials! You must be so proud of yourself and I really admire you! I'm so glad to see that everything looks so great, especially the newspaper dresses! I know you are on your way to making your dreams come true and I can't wait to see your adventures! Much love and kisses! xoxoxoo

  11. Wow, that looks like it was a lot of work! Great job!! :)

  12. Thank you dear, I'm following back :)

  13. congratulation dear!!! i loev all the dresses! great job!

  14. it was a bit tiring, but it was worth it! Im glad you feel happy and proud for yourself, cuz we all feel that way about you! :) lots of fun. wish you luck for your future projects! :**

  15. Uhuuuulll Lady Gaga!!

    Adorei as fotos, beijos linda.
    Ótimas ideias.

  16. Hi Kiki! How is your week going? I was just looking at your pictures again today and I was just telling my friend how amazing and talented you are! You've accomplished so much for such a young age! xoxoxoo

  17. Dear Kiki, you are so talanted, omg i love all of the dress, yes the gaga's is so spectacular...
    keep up the good work ^^

  18. great work, really impressive! :)

  19. lovely blog, just stunning!
    maybe we could follow each other?
    xoxoxooxo,ronja and leonie

  20. Very impressive and creative work :)

  21. Wow, komplimente Kiki. Fustanet jane vertet te bukur, ide gjeniale.
    Te preferuarit e mi jane ato me gazeta. Te uroj suksese!
    Ciao, Eni


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