Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Thrift Shop" Fashion Show

"Recycling goes fashionable as the thrift shop becomes the workshop for the preparations of a fashion show. The "Thrift Shop" workshop aimed to take fashion into an unconventionally new level while giving an ironic view on the big brands; creativity stands above brands and what more than a challenge of this kind to prove it"

This is THE fashion show I've been talking about on Facebook and Instagram. It's turning into a tradition now at Polis uni...and if you don't remember the first Fashion Show(last year) let me refresh your memory HERE. This Fashion Show was part of TDW (Tirana Design Week) and I was really happy to be part of it, even though not as a designer (school and workshop started same time so I had to give up on designer's position). The students of Art Design 2 (including the workshop's teacher, my sister and her friend - as assistants) have worked with old clothes that have found and from random clothes outfits that stands out were born. The fashion show was a combination of a wicked imagination and feelings...
I'm saving some designs for the next post (as the Fashion Show will be 'played' again this Friday evening at Daily) 
Location : underground Polis uni

Photo credit goes to : Eranda Janku 

 My sister's design (soon coming more on another post) : 

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