Friday, September 27, 2013

All The Right Moves

Finally I'm posting one of my "Today's Post" again. It's been a while since I used to post once in 2 days. But to be honest other things have been my priority; school, projects and workshops. Of course many of them are related to my blog and work here, but I've been so busy I didn't have the chance to inform you on what I'm doing. I've been updating on Facebook Fan-Page and Instagram (feel free to follow me there) but it's not same with posting it here. 
In fact first week of school I was really stressed. School started so fast for me, just few days after I got home from Italy, I was working on my new fashion and cooking projects; I didn't even had the chance to get used it to idea that September was coming and I had to pull myself together. It's been one month now since I've started a new job and I'm working on some other important projects and It seemed to me impossible on doing everything now that school started and I'm a senior (you all know what that means). I freaked out for a moment and thought I wouldn't make it so I better quit on smth, but then I realized : I'm young, full of ideas and hard working person. If I want something I will make that happen, so why quitting somewhere that may be a big opportunity for me and who knows maybe something more. I'm not bragging for myself but I'm confident, I know what can and can't do so I got on a conclusion. Hard work + daily schedule = success. As we grow old we just realize our time is running out of our hands so don't be afraid to take the risks, jump in and live today fully. With "All The Right Moves " you will make something you will never regret ! for today's outfit, a casual one : simple, nice and super comfy. It's all you need. & don't forget to wear your invisible crown and a happy smile :)

♥ Kiki ♥


  1. Love the overall outfit, sidomos pantallonat dhe varesen!!!!

  2. My amazing babe ! You will always be one of my main inspirations ! xxxxxx

  3. Ajo c'ka mbi te gjitha me pelqen ne kete post eshte mesazhi qe ke dhene: Hard work + daily schedule = success.
    Me ka pelqyer gjithmone grinta, energjia dhe deshira qe ti ke per te qene gjithe kohen e impenjuar, gje qe rralle e shoh tek adoleshentet e sotem. Vazhdo keshtu dhe ke per te pare qe nuk do ta dale keq, perkundrazi ;) Je shume e re per te hequr dore nga gjerat, apo per te patur friken se nuk do t'ja dalesh dot :) Te pershendes dhe uroj qe gjera edhe me e medha te vijne per ty ne te ardhmen.

  4. Beautiful outfit ! I love your necklace :)

  5. love ur outfit but mire wanted to say, i did think same when i was in my 20s but living my everyday to my fullness, now i think that simply life is the best, saying what i would love to see where u are. 10 years from now, maybe u would think the same or maybe is just me but for now, enjoy ur inspirations day to day To

  6. You look stunning and its nice to have you post on here too!

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