Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Dream You Dream Alone Is Only a Dream. A Dream You Dream Together Is Reality

After too many attempts, we randomly found a bridge in Skopje in which we finally did the photoshoot we had been waiting for so long. There are so many things included in just one shooting. First of all, we are Rea and Kristi (Kiki). Maybe there are a lot of people who know how special we are to each other. But for those who don't know it, we are not only best friends but we are also bloggers, colleagues and we have the same dreams!

 But we wouldn't like talking about us, but for something called friendship. Having a friendship nowadays is turned into a challenge and each day more difficult. But we are here to show you that it is difficult, but never impossible. You need to always search for that person or group of people with whom you don’t share only same age but also same dreams, qualities and most important someone who makes you feel good without changing anything from your own. We call ourselves lucky for being able to found such people.  Fortuitousness is sometime really important. But even after disappointments, after 1 or 2 disappointments don’t lose hope saying 'there is no such thing as friendship' because as we said before we are here to tell you that it excites and somewhere out there is a same dreamer as you waiting for you to come together and wake up to start living your dreams.

We are Rea and Kristi; bloggers, best friends, colleagues and dreamers but when these dreams are being dreamed by more than one, then we call it Reality! 

 Photographer : Aleksandra Bendevska 

♥ Kiki ♥

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  1. You both look so beautiful :) Love the place you choose for the photoshoot


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