Thursday, October 24, 2013

Giffoni Film Festival 2013 Macedonia

I missed you, how about u ?!.. 

I always say 'you would already know if you are my Facebook or Instagram follower' and here am I saying it again ! I was for 6 days (17-23 Oct)  in Macedonia with Giffoni Film Festival 2013 Macedonia (if you don't know what Giffoni Film Festival is you MUST google it asap). When my friend called me about the event I was so excited, but when she told me there was another free place I was even more. Right away I called Rea and there we were counting the days left and packing. We stayed at the local's houses. My host was Ana, she and her mum Dzuli were awesome. I spent the days with her, her mum and her friends; they were all awesome people and I'm so glad to have the chance to meet and know them. Can't wait to meet them again (as we promised that to each-other) 
The Giffoni's schedule was intense since we were there from 9AM to 6PM, but was so fun and I meet new people who I will always remember. We saw short and long movies, animated ones and not, we talked with their directors. Participated in workshops and had so much fun. I was in Tango workshop, while dancing I was chosen to be the leader couple as me and my partner were really good (I knew how to dance it and he was a dancer) . We performed in the closing show ! 
...I would be here writing for days showing you with details what I did, but here are some of most important points of my trip ! I was one of the best trips I have ever made and I will never forget the pleasure it gave me and the people I meet ! 
Hope you enjoy the pics 

 Practicing in Tango workshop, me and Kristjan (yeah that's weird :P) were the leading couple
 With Ana, my awesome host : 
 "Superhiks" performing at the Center of Skopje, I loved this band
 Millenium Cross, Vodno mountain, I could see "all" Skopje from there
 While performing in the final show : 
Mother and children ^_^ such a happy family 
(Ana's friends, her mum and me)

♥ Kiki ♥

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