Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kiki's Cooking Time on AS TV

This is the most unexpected birthday present I had this year! As you know I had my birthday on May 30 and just on May 29 the AS television (Albanian Screen) called me on the phone and they were interested on knowing me more and knowing this passion of mine : cooking. They saw my cooking blog and they loved it (so they told me :P). They were interested on having me in their morning show "Agon"(which means in English dawn) just the next day, in May 30 and I said "Why not?!" I finished school on 6.40 PM as always and I went out buying ingredients for the desert I would cook for them tomorrow. I cooked Banoffee Pie because this is one of my favorite recipes and also because this is not familiar in Albania. They loved it I would say and you will see that on the video! I tried to put the video on YouTube, but I couldn't because the document is too large :(
This is my mum's gift for my birthday I would say, she gave somebody she knew the link of my blog and as soon as they saw it they called mum searching for my number! She didn't know If I would get there, but this is the part I love! So I thank her again from the bottom of my heart! 
The interview is of course in Albanian language! They asked me how I started all this, where did I get this passion for cooking, when I thought on opening a cooking blog, If I had any recipe with my name and other stuff 2! I had a great time. In the first place I was so nervous because I thought I would get shy(yeah I wonder that 2 :P) and the words wouldn't come out of my mouth, but everybody there was so friendly and they considered me as their friends, which made me feel like "home" and the whole interview was like a meeting between friends.
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Enjoy the pics : 

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Love, Kiki


  1. ditelindjen po margarine bannofie pie po mir - hey the words i picked up ....ha ha and u said is very
    traditional in England did u ???? i tried to make and said this is what im gonna make for ur family for new year - my husband is albanian - and he said please no because i promise it was really really bad but everyone told me is easy to make... is just the story i had to share with u.... love it - i learned more albanian i think :) u look lovely and now is one programme on albanian tv i will try to watch in future...keep going same way - cool blog

  2. great recipe!!!I m so harry for you!seems to be the biggest bday present ever!!!

  3. Congratulations girl, this is amazing.

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  4. I watched and shared of course. And asked Eranda and Julia for an invitation to a Janku dinner when I'm in Tirana

    have a nice and stylish week darling
    The Dolls Factory

  5. Congrats, must be a great feeling :)
    Have a nice day

  6. Ooh congrats Kiki!! thanks for stopping by dear!!

  7. Congrats!

    Xoxo from Peru!

  8. Kiki that's great!!! Congratulations!!! And happy birthday!!!! :D

  9. Wow, congratulations! This is absolutely incredible! What a lovely birthday present.


  10. Urimeee :)
    Eshte shume e dukshme qe je kenaqur shume :D

  11. It's so niceeeee :D
    I love your new blog! :D

    Greetings from Italy!

  12. congrats! <3


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