Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crazy Weekend

Hello there my lovelies! How are you all doing? Are you having fun in this awesome(for me) weekend? I'm sure having lots of fun! This weekend came really busy and colorful. On Friday afternoon I have a school party and had good time. Just tomorrow we went "Walking The City", it was my first time, while for Polis uni is like a ritual lets say. This time the location was  Tirana itself. We all walk everyday through main streets, and this time the subject was to see the informal streets which are really important and how we can clearly see the history through it. The change between these streets and the main ones, how old and new mix together. The weather was sunny and hot and we had a busy day so happy just started walking....(these are just few of tons of pics, I was really confuse on what putting here)
(Photographer - Eranda & Julia)
 Kavaja Street
 Me and my aunt eating, we were hungry :D
 Janku's sisters
 The most narrow street of Balkan(which is named)
Something I never thought to see through this walk was wrestling. We talked about Tirana's Sports Palace which is a place built many years ago and we went in to see it inside. That time was wrestling championship and we saw a part of it. It was interesting and scary both at the same time!
 Me massaging Eranda, she had a terrible headache 
 "Elephant" effect structure 
 After 4-5 hours of "Walking The City" me, my sisters and my aunt's family went to Durres. Julia had a project so she needed to take some pics. We had a great lunch there and enjoyed the view!
 Drini, my little brother. Oh, I love him so much!
 Fried banana with honey and nuts, yummy (soon will be one of my blog's recipe)
 After some couple of hours in Durres, we went back home. During the time I stayed home I cooked Tiramisu and than I prepared myself for Polis party. I was actually really confuse on what to wear. After one hour of trying different clothes, I decided to wear myself as a "Minnie Mouse". I never wore my headband which I made myself and I love it, so i thought that was a good time! hope you like it! 

I had a terrible headache and the hair connector wasn't helping at all, so I left the hair down!

That's all for today! Hope you liked what I put this time! I want now to thank you all for supporting me and for being part of my life! Today I reached 400 followers and it's a big deal to me. Victoria was the 400th follower so a special thanks goes to you my dear! Check her blog and If you like it, follow her!

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Love, Kiki


  1. Lovely, great pictures!


  2. It looks like a great week-end !

  3. hey sugar, you're awesome as always <3

  4. it's lovely how you spend quality time with your whole family :) and the photos indeed are very cool!

  5. Looks like a busy and amazing day, I'm so happy for you.

  6. looks fun! i've missed your posts <3

  7. Wow, Tirana just looks so stunning. Definitely my kinda city filled with lots of culture. Take me with you next time? Hehe. Your little brother is so cute. I've never heard of the name Drini. That's so interesting. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I love all of your pictures. They look so fun and like an amazing time. Im following your blog now :) Hope you can do the same.

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  9. awesome! love the sunnies a lot! I'm going to check your cooking blog


  10. miss the afternoons at the beach during winter.
    love your minnie look at the party.

    come and say Hi
    The Dolls Factory

  11. Nice outfit and sunnies.


  12. you are so sweet, LOVE that blue shirt- it's the prefect hue right now!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  13. Such a great post! Love it ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  14. Hi Kiki...
    Nje gje me pelqen: Mami e keni te mrekullueshme, kudo ju mbeshtet... Duhet te jeni te lumtura qe keni nje NENE te tille...
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    Hope you will like my blog too...
    Kisses... ju ndjek me kenaqesi Eranden, Julkan (adashken time) dhe ty sigurisht me embelsirat aq te mira...
    See you soon baby...

  15. Love your outfits!! That street market is amazing!!

  16. Thanks for your comment :) Of course I'm gonna follow you.

  17. looks like a lot of fun! i love these pictures! and i adore your outfit at the bottom!

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  19. dear kiki,
    i already follow you on bloglovin....actually i've been following you for a few months already :)
    sorry for not posting a comment for such a long time, i've been very busy lately. i looove the bow-tie hairstyle and all the other pictures as well. looks like so much fun!!
    i hope you keep following my blog as well.
    ♥ romi

  20. love the bow on your head! you look so cute! :)

  21. ciao,

    thanks for let me see Tirana . The narrow stree is fantastic !!!!

    come for a visit, and if you likes sign as follower...I'll do back

    ciao from Italy ave

  22. Oh I lov eyour colorful outfits! Especially th epurple one. Hey you know what, you look like a famous actress in my country. Her name is Ane Curtis. search for her, you really resemble something in common! So beautiful :) I am following you now via Google Friend Connect. It'll be fantastic if you follow me too! Thank you :)

  23. Great pictures!! You're very pretty! And the outfit is lovely!
    I'm following you now! Hope you follow back :)

  24. so much fun! looove these pics!

  25. Gorgeous pictures! I love them :) Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena

  26. my baby looks the city shots...makes me miss it actually...give everyone a big kiss and write me soon

  27. you look effortlessly chic! love your sunglasses too! fabulous!


  28. hey Kiki! i'd love to follow each other, following both of your blogs now! :)

  29. Fun!! I like the colors and the headband of course...


  30. what beautiful photos, gorgeous outfit too!
    now a follower of your lovely blog :)

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  31. Looks like an amazing weekend, you look great in all the photos! Especially love how well a high top knot suits you!!! Amazing blog, I love it!


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