Sunday, November 6, 2011

Biscuits+Cacao Bars

It looked delicious so I tried it. And I liked it... It was interesting taste and "a piece of cake" in making it. No need to bake, so everything goes Ok no matter what :p

Dukej e shijshme prandaj une e provova. Dhe me pelqeu...Kishte shije interesante "buke me djath" ne pergatitje. Nuk ka nevoje per pjekje, keshtu qe gjithcka do te shkoje mire pavaresisht cfare :P

Ingredients for biscuits+cacao bars:
  • 250 grams simply dry biscuits 
  • 130 grams margarine or butter (unsalted)
  • 2 dish spoons bitter cacao
  • 90 grams sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 175 grams powdered sugar
  • 2 dish spoon bitter cacao
  • 30 grams margarine or butter (unslated)
  • 250 gram biskota te thjeshta 
  • 130 gram margarine (e embel) 
  • 2 luge gjelle kakao e hidhur 
  • 90 gram sheqer 
  • 1 veze
  • 175 gram sheqer pluhur 
  • 2 luge gjelle kakao e hidhur 
  • 30 gram margarine (e embel) 
For this recipe you need a blender
Per kete recete ju duhet nje mikser
Hash biscuits with a blender until they become crumbs
Thyeji biskotat me mikserin derisa te behen therrime
Melt 130 gramme margarine or butter in slow flakes in a pot or a pan 
Shkriej 130 gram margarine ne flake te moderuar ne nje tenxhere
Add sugar and stir
Shto sheqerin dhe perziej
Add 1 dish spoon bitter cacao and mix the measure together
Shto nje luge gjelle kakao te hidhur dhe perziej se bashku
Add the egg and stir for 2 minutes and than take it off and add it to biscuits(crumbs)
Shto vezen dhe perziej per 2 minuta dhe pastaj fike zjarrin dhe shto biskotat e therrmuara
Mix the whole measure together with a spoon(make sure the whole measure will be mixed with cacao mix)
Perziej te gjithe masen se bashku me nje luge (sigurohu qe e gjithe masa te jete perzier mire me masen e kakaos)
Put a greaseproof paper at a pie-pan(rectangular) and put there the measure. With a spoon and a spatula make sure to spread the whole measure uniformly in the pie-pan and exert pressure to make the measure one
Nje tepsi drejtkendore vishe me leter furre dhe vendos masen. Me nje luge ose spatul sigurohu qe masa te jete shperndare ne menyre homogjene dhe ushtro force gjate krijimit qe kesaj shtrese
Leave it on the fridge for 2 hours
Lere ne frigorifer per 2 ore
Add powdered sugar in a bowl
Shto sheqerin pluhur ne nje tas
Add bitter cacao and margarine or butter
Shto kakaon e hidhur dhe margarinen
Add 2 dish spoons boiled water and mix them together until the measure become creamy
Shto 2 luge uje te vluar dhe perziej se bashku deri sa masa e krijuar te jete kremoze
Put it on the top of the first measure and spread it. Let it in the fridge for 30 minutes or more
Vendose kete mase siper shtreses se biskotave dhe shperndaje. Lere ne frigorifer per afersisht 30 minuta
How it looks after 30 minutes in the fridge: 
Si duket pas 30 minutash:
Cut it with a sharp knife in square shape
Prije me nje thike te mprehte ne katrore
Bon Appetit 

♥ Kiki ♥

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