Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Are you a sweets-lover person? You want something sweet to eat but you don't have all ingredients for a cake?...The problem it's solve now. The recipe I will show you it is really easy and we all have these products in our home, even in bad conditions :P. 
In Albania the name of this pastry is "Mafishe" and I guess in English is meringue

Jeni nje dashamires i te emblave? Doni dicka te embel te hani, por nuk keni te gjithe perberesit per nje kek?...Problemi eshte i zgjidhur tani. Kjo recete ka perberesit me te thjeshte dhe gjithashtu perberesit qe asnje shtepie nuk i mungon. Po flas per mafishet! 

Ingredients for the meringue:
  • the white of an egg
  • 125 gramme sugar
  • 2 normal spoons warm water
  • 1 normal spoon vinegar
  • e bardha e nje veze 
  • 125 gram sheqer
  • 2 luge normale me uje te ngrohte 
  • 1 luge normale uthull
Beat the white of the egg 
Rrih te bardhen e vezes
Add sugar and mix them together about 5 minutes
Shto sheqerin dhe perziej se bashku per 5 minuta
Add the vinegar and warm water
Shto uthullen dhe ujin 
Put in a baking-pan baking paper 
Vendos ne tepsi nje leter furre 
If you don't have confectionery tool use a normal spoon to form the measure in the baking-pan
Nese nuk ke mjetin e duhur per te shperndare masen perdor nje luge normale per te formuar  masen ne tepsi
Baking Temperature : 100 grade C, Timing : until they become in pearl color
Temperatura pjekjes : 100 grade C,  Kohe-zgjatja: deri sa te marrin ngjyre perlash
Bon Appetit    

♥ Kiki ♥

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