Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello from Tirana

Hello my adorable readers and friends! How are you all doing with summer and the hot? What plans do you have for summer vacations or what plans you had? I am going to Rodeos island with my family and my aunt's family! I'm so happy that we are going together and the fact that I will go away for 2 weeks, I need some time off to relax!  
Today I came in Tirana with my mum and dad; and I'm going to stay here for few days! I searched for shorts today in many stores cuz I REALLY need one pair but it means like mission impossible. They don't have my size and I like dark jeans so I am starting to think there is no chance. But I walked home with a bag full of accessories, they had sales so I bought some cute and colorful stuff! Also I made a few weeks ago 2 hairpins for myself, but I super like the little one, turned up really cute! 
Since my big sister Eranda came to live and study in Tirana I learned to straighten my own hair. I love big different style and this one I just made yesterday it's one of my favorites! 

My hairpins made by me:

Mini-Mouse hairstyle

 New In from Accessorize:
(The pics are not in the best quality, I used my uncle's camera and I don't know the trick :P)

Do you like them? I do! Tell me everything interesting/or not you are having! I wish a great night and I leave you with on of my favorite singers: Adele

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. Aww...I used to make those bows for my daughter. Love how you styled your hair. So cute!!

  2. Haha those colorful accessories remind me of raves.. Was it hard to make that hairpin?

  3. Hi Kiki! Wow, you look so pretty with your hair up like that! The little bow you made is adorable! And the accessories you bought are really colorful! I think they will brighten up any outfit! I'm glad that you and I feel the same way about love..when I have a boyfriend, I want to make sure that everyday is going to be a romantic day :-)By the way, you can add me as a friend on facebook if you want. My full name is Shin M.Ko! xoxoxoxo

  4. Hey!! i really loved your Mini mouse hairdo, it's cute!!! and i like candy accesories, those you got are awesome!!! xx


  5. aww your hair also reminds me of lady gaga's hair bow except cuter! xx misstea & co.

  6. Love it! <3


  7. Nice hairstyle!!


  8. cute hairstyle ;-) and adorable bow

  9. Lovely ! I like the new stuff, colourful ! ;)

    have fun in tr my love !


  10. your hair is amazing! you should film a tutorial, i love it. looking forward to your new posts :) <3
    p.s i just followed you on bloglovin, is it a good site? let me know :) love, bianca



  11. GREAT accessories, especially love the hairpins you made!
    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  12. your bow style is sooo cute! i am in love with bows and that style but i always have a hard time with getting the hair to stay up :(.

    Thankyou for dropping by my blog too! i think it's a great idea to follow each other :)!


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