Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today I want to talk about movies! I love them and never get rid of them, there are many kinds of movies and I like them all. My favorite though are horror and comedy! I don't like action movies despite few. Since we were little(me, Eranda and Julia) mum told us about horror movies, fake blood and this kind of stuff and since ever we aren't scared and like to watch them!...
These movie trailers I am going to show you are new movies I've watched and that I have in my computer, and the most important thing that I LOVE! I suggest you to watch every single one of them, and if you don't know how to get the one you want at the comment leave the title you want and the email address. I will try to send you the movie

The hangover 2
No Strings Attached 
 Love And Other Impossible Pursuits
Easy A
Dear John
Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son
The pirates of Caribbean 4

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Love, Kiki


  1. I must watch Pirates of the Caribbean!! I haven't watch a movie since a long while (funny cause i have a little movie theater inside my house...)

    About that peruvian blog go here
    Then look for the category of "Moda y tendencias", then almost at the bottom you will find "fashion in da hat" and click on vote!! :D

    Thanks sweety!

  2. Hi Kiki!

    I LOVE Hangover 2 & Dear John! Good choices haha :) I love your blog so much just found it. Am following it now!

    Check out mine when you get a chance it's

    If we could follow each other I'd really appreciate it as I've just started mine :) Thank you!! <3

  3. Good selection Kiki :).
    Seen all of them.

  4. Easy E ! Great selection !
    Kisses kiki

  5. Ainda não assisti nenhum destes
    filmes, quero ver Piratas do Caribe 4 e Vovózona 2.


  6. Hey! You have a nice blog. Follow mine?

    Comment on one of my posts to say you're following, and I'll follow you back.

  7. good picks! i've wanted to see the hangover two forever now but haven't gotten the chance to see it yet! at least the trailer looks hilarious it's motivation to actually try to watch it haha


  8. Wow! It's amazing! I really love the Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son and, of course, The pirates of Caribbean 4!

  9. Hangover 2 was really cool.

  10. Great post ! :) I love those movies. :)

  11. In this moment my fav is definitely Pirates of Caribbean 4!!!
    Great movies selection!

  12. great post !!!
    i love all of these movies !

  13. These movies are amazing. Dear john is so beautiful!
    I'm going to Crete. I've been to Rhodos a few years ago. I loved it there! Have fun :)

  14. Hi Kiki! My favorite movies are comedy and drama! I can't watch horror movies because I get nightmares all the time! But sometimes I don't really like rude humor and I feel like there are so much violence and sex scenes in the movies so I don't like to watch those movies. Pirates of the Carribean is more my type :-). Did you get any new clothes from QTU? Yeah, add me anytime on facebook when you get one! Talk to you soon! xoxooxoxo

  15. They need to retired that big momma fast. I saw the first one back in the days. Not rushing to see this one. I have to say that Martin Lawrence is mad funny. I still remember the sitcom Martin from back in the days. That was my show.


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