Saturday, July 16, 2011

New In

Hello there all my lovely friends and readers! How are you all getting along with hot/or not summer? In Albania is REALLY hot. The temperature is around 38-39 degrees and it has been like that for a week, when we had the hottest day of the year (41 degrees). I think I will explode!
I want to thank Stevia for helping me out with the pages, I have added some! Also I have changed the entire design of my blog! I need now to make a new header, but for that I need to make a new photo-shoot! For this and others we will discus one other time! Tell me what you think about my changes!
Here are my two new items, a pair of earrings which I bought 2 weeks ago and a beautiful necklace Eranda brought me from Denmark. Thanks sweetie I love it!

Yesterday I made a new design! It's not Halloween, but my nails are :D
This is a design inspired by Halloween and I like to call it: "I got my eyes on YOU" :P

Do you like them? Tell me about your summer plans and everything else you want!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. Gorgeous new accessories ! And like the nails ! Spooky !


  2. I love your earrings I've been looking for a similar one for ages, where'd you get yours?


  3. Love your nails! :)

  4. i love the feather earrings =]


  5. Hey Kiki! you must be dying with that temperature!!! 39 degrees!! here the limit is 32, and that's way to hot for me...

    I really like your feather earrings, the colors are very pretty, and your nails are crazy!!

    Take care!

  6. cute earrings! I love them ! I follow you. Follow me back ? xx

  7. Oh I love the earrings, the color of the feathers is just awesome! I followed you now, too ! xx Nini

  8. Lovely photos - I love your nails and you have super cute jewelry :)

  9. Hi Kiki! How are you? I love your new site design! Very clean and I can see the bigger photos! Your new earrings are so cute and the forever necklace is just precious! I'm so excited that you will be starting a food blog because your recipes are the best! I'm bad at cooking but with your instructions, they turned out great! Even my family is surprised, haha :-)

    Your comment makes me laugh and the guy who opened the bathroom door is so funny! He sounds like a pervert though! I'm doing okay and my weekend was pretty great! I relaxed a lot and just read a lot of books. Tomorrow I'm going to watch the Harry Potter movie because the movie theatre was sold out this weekend! Have you seen it yet?

    Talk to you soon! Lots of kisses! xoxoxoxoo

  10. Those earring are them so much :)

  11. Great earrings! I have a similar pair in my upcoming jewelry line! :D And your nails are SO CUTE!!!

    So excited for your food blog!! :D

  12. Of course I would love to follow each other...following you now :)


  13. I love your necklace! Great post. :)

    Old Natasha, new Suz.

  14. omg :O
    i'm definitelyyyyyy drooling about ur earings

    The Sassy Sparrow


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