Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello there everybody! How are you all doing? Is your school finished? What plans do you have for the summer? Anything big or usual stuff? Hope you're all doing well and having fun with your friends and the ones you love. Thank you all for the lovely comments and opinions, it means a lot to me!
Today I want to talk about sunglasses. It is hot, sunny out there and sunglasses are something we all take when we leave, am I right? Are you that kind of person or you prefer not to wear any? I'm going to show my own sunglasses. Hope you like them:

My favorite: the ones in the heart! The new Ray Ban sunglasses. I bought them yesterday 
These are just my own sunglasses. My sisters have their owns and thinking that we use each-other stuffs we have many! 
So, tell me do you like the post and the sunglasses? Which are your favorite? How many do you have and do you like them simple or big and weird? I love big and weird ones. I'm trying to find something unique, big, weird and more important something that yells my name! Hope you are having a great Thursday!

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                              Love, Kiki


  1. hello honey!!!!!!!!!! I wish good luck with your exam and of course your dress this summer!!! :D you are so sweet for your word :D I really love all the sunnies here and yes1 we should go to Australia! :D


  2. thank you for your excellent comment. You Have right! in the end we all end up hugging each-other :)) I would like you to follow :))

  3. sunglasses world ! pretty pics love it !
    want to follow each other ?

  4. Great sunglasses!

  5. Hi Kiki! Wow, you have such a great collection of sunglasses! Your favorite is my favorite pair too! I just love heart-shaped glasses! They're so sweet and fun to wear for summer! It's so cool that you and your sisters share your stuff..that means more choices! I only have one sunglasses right now, because I tend to drop them so much so I don't want to buy expensive ones since I might damage them. Wishing you a beautiful Thursday! xoxooxxoo

  6. The fifth one and the heart ones are my favorites!! :)

  7. I like them all *__*!

  8. i love the round ones.. have quite a few pairs of sunglasses myself, but normally stick to my favorite pair...xx

  9. So many! They are so cute! I liked the ways you put your glasses:)
    Yes dear,i will follow you. Kisses :)

  10. So many many many sunglasses! :D I love them ;D :P!


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