Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am a person who is obsessed with accessories! I love them and I never get rid and tired of them! A reason why I love so much summer are accessories, I wear them a lot! With them I feel complete and so feminine. How about you? Do you like and wear them a lot or sometimes? I wanna know how you feel about these girlie things, big earrings or small, simple or heavy necklaces or bracelets. I love to wear as many as I can accessories when I'm wearing something really simple like shorts and white t-shirt. How about you? 
Here are my accessories(most of my all) Hope you like them

Honestly I don't wear them a lot, but I like having a lot :D

I've got just 2 headbands, I mean that I bought cuz the other part of them are handmades by me and my sister Eranda

These are the cute ones I have. The other part are usual and simple hairpins

I love love love love them. Recently been REALLY obsessed with them. Love the weird and big or long ones!

I love big earrings and wear them A LOT in summer

I keep the record in my house :P

These are just some of my favorites, necklaces are endless in my house(imagine 4 girls in house, how can they not be endless?!)

This was my personal accessories collection. My sisters and mum have their owns. Julia keeps the record on necklaces and Eranda on rings so we are complete together. It feels good having  each-other for EVERYTHING! Hope you are enjoying yourself with me and hope you had a great day! 

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                               Love, Kiki


  1. Hi Kiki! Wow, you have such amazing collection of accessories! It must be so nice to have such a great variety for your outfits! I love the little fur ring, it's adorable! The necklaces are so quirky and cute! Must be so much fun to have sisters to share each other's closet! And oh yes! I remembered that scene from Sex and the City 2 movie! I only have one swimsuit and I need to get a new one as well! xoxoxoo

  2. Such a great collection!! I am in love with accessories too! I have a pretty big collection myself. haha! But not so much on hair accessories (except hats) because they don't look good on me. You should check out my new jewelry line when it comes out next month! I think you might like it!

  3. such a great collection!
    where did u get the 16th neckclace? i really like it!

  4. Wow you have such a great collection of accessories, I love your hairbands! :)

    Hope you will have a fun weekend sweetie, looking forward to your next outfit post.

    The Cat Hag

  5. I loved especially the Hairpins :)

  6. I love the rings, I have a really big collection.
    Your blog is really interesting. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.


  7. I usually only wear accessories in the summer. Come winter I will put them all away. Are those hearts on the first watch?

    All the best, Angel

  8. Lovely lovely collections. I especially love your watch collection. Each is sooo cute.
    I want to follow you, you have Bloglovin? xx

  9. You are kidding, right? So many accessories. <3
    Love it!

  10. I love rings and headbands :))


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