Monday, June 6, 2011

Gifts for my sweet 16

In this post I will show you the gifts I got for my sweet 16 Bday and a big THANKS goes to all of them! I love the things you bought me and thanks for being part of my life! 

From my adorable sisters

From Angela(best friend)
This is a poster she made by herself! I love it and I love her works, she is really good at it!
 Note on the back: For a girl who always will be a friend of mine no matter what!!! Knowing that even the distance will not separate us...Being as great as you are following your dreams remembering the beginning of this trip...
 To Kiki with love Angela

From Laura, Jora and Besi(best friends)

From Ina(close friend of mine)

From Sila(Julia's best friend)

From Dori(my neighbor)

From Pranvera(friend of mine and model of my Runway)

From Denis, Klark and Ilmi(three class-mates and friends of mine)

From Lindi(one of the photographer of my Runway)
 The note: Kiki Happy Birthday, from your new fan Lindi

From Anjeza(my computer teacher)
The note: Happy Birthday! I hope that your boat will sail always to happiness! From teacher Anjeza

One week ago I got a certificate for the Runway
This certificate is given to: Kristi Janku for showing her creativity in Paper Art(the name of my runway)developed in "Imelda Lmabertini" school

Hope you enjoyed yourself with this post! Hope you are having a great Monday

                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                           Love, Kiki


  1. Hi! Belated Happy sweet 16! Hope it was a good one and judging from your presents you are LOVED. I adore the ring & dress the most. I think its perfect for you. Hope to see you in NYC soon.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  2. I love this post! so much cute stuff!I love the dress! vintage chic! Its cute! :) Im your new follower :)


  3. Happy Birthday! I wish I had all those things. Love it though. xx

  4. Wowww the ring from your sisters is amazing, so different!

  5. happy birthday!!!


  6. Happy Birthday!
    You got some great gifts.

  7. Aww, this is lovely,
    I love it!

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  8. You've got a lot of presents!! lucky you! my favorite of all is that ring of the first pics, is very weird :)

  9. Such great gifts! I don't even know which things are the funnest (maybe all of 'em). (:

  10. lovely ring! all the post is very cool!


  11. happy late b'day!

    the first ring is soo cute!

    love blue roses!

  12. Aww, sweet sixteen. So adorable. Your gifts are as adorable as you. These are all sooo beautiful. I love the ring, dress and bracelet. xx

  13. Kiki! Wow, you're a very popular girl, aren't you? :-). You have such lovely friends and family who gave you amazing presents! I love the ring! It's gorgeous! And the shirt from your neighbor is so cute and funny! I think I'll wear it all the time if I have it! It must be so exciting to move to a new place but it's for your life and I'm sure you can keep in touch with all your friends. Plus you can experience new adventures! It can be hard and I understand but don't worry so much because I believe that while you're young, you need to get out to the world! Lots of hugs! xooxxoo

  14. ooh
    you got alot of gifts!
    i love those flowery dress



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