Sunday, June 5, 2011

My sweet 16 photo-shoot

Hello there lovers! How are you doing? I'm sorry for not being able to see your new posts and comment on them, but I've been so busy with the end of the school and preparing myself for the final exams...

Anyway you all now that I turned 16 and since this is my last year with the class-mates I thought to make a birthday party, something different from the other friends of mine. I went for the "Karaoke" idea. And believe me it is a really good idea. It feels really good to know that your parents see you now as a grown up girl. I said that cuz the party started on 8PM and finished on 11PM and I was by my own, mum came in the start and than left. There were my class-mates, friends of mine, my sister Julia with her best friend and the computer teacher(she is like a friend to me and I give her a big kiss). I enjoyed myself and so did they. For one hour and a half there was karaoke and than the music started and it was like a party. I thought I was going to make zillion of photos, but I did just few. We were all to busy laughing with those who sang badly, dancing, making jokes with each-other and these kind of things. Drini(my aunt's son) was with us all night long and he enjoyed himself to playing games in cellphone. 
Today I made a photo-shoot with my party outfit. Hope you like it, I do :P

                                                                               * * *
 I love this hairstyle. It is easy to make, fashionable and simple.

Hope you like the photos. Tomorrow I will a post for the lovely presents I got for my bday! Till tomorrow...

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Love, Kiki


  1. I love the skirt! I have the same one in pink :)


  2. you look absolutely stunning.
    glad you had fun.
    you only turn 16 once.

  3. Hi Kiki! You looks so pretty and your parents must be so proud to have a daughter like you! I love your dress and it's very glamorous and makes you look like a princess! I'm just starting my new classes so I'm excited but nervous as well. I can't believe the weekend goes by so quickly! I'm sure you will do well on your final exams! Cheers to a happy week! Kisses! xoxoxoxoo

  4. Beautiful photos! That looked like the perfect party outfit. Karaoke sounds like a lot of fun!

    sorelle in style

  5. Very pretty pictures! i love your scarf and skirt a lot!!! good luck with your finals!!!!

  6. Hai Kiki! Those photos are lovely! Looks like you had a great time on your party, that's the way it should be! Your outfit is so cute, especially love all the pink details! Good luck with your finals dear!!


  7. Lovely my gorgeous and sweet 16 year old !


  8. looove the tutu skirt! and you look lovely <3

  9. Great pics and lovely skirt!! Happy B-day!! :))
    I follow you.

  10. Thanks so much for your sweet comment Kiki. I am your newest follower :)I'd love it if you followed my blog too xo

  11. You look gorgeous!! Yes, of course :) I'm following you now :)
    Thank you for the comment in my blog!


  12. wow you look so pretty...^^
    and those presents are awesome
    happy birthday dear :)


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