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With Armina Mevlani - Harmony Magazine

Here is the next post on my Albanian Project. An interview with Armina Mevlani; the editor in chief of Harmony magazine, one of most popular fashion magazines in Albania. Since you've been requesting a lot these kind of posts I'm super glad to share with you all some "secrets" of their awesome work and success. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did and let me know of what you think of it!

1-      When was "Harmony" officially opened (let's put it this way)?
Harmony was opened 2 years ago in May of 2011! For me it was like a baby, it was born and we took care `till Harmony grew up successful. We needed a lot of work and now is one of the most well known magazines in Albania.

2-      Which was (and of course is) your goal?
Our goal was to have a women`s magazine not just about real Fashion but also in other directions, a kind of Marie Claire, where is treated Fashion but also social problems, interviews with known and unknown people, information for everything and also the main point is that different ages can buy this magazine, including people from 18 -50 years old.

3-      Why this name?
This name because we were trying to have everything from out there and we made all these different things work in harmony with each other because when harmony is missing most importantly in the fundamental relations, nothing can work.

4-      What makes Harmony special from other Fashion Albanian Magazines?
Special is the way we treat images, we have taken the best features from any other magazine and we represent the historic importance of fashion, because we pay a great importance to writing about fashion or art icons that now should be an example to us.
Let's know Armina more : 

Your inspiration is... love and art

Your favorite color is... red

Your daily routine, lunch with friends and a drink at night

Your favorite piece of clothing in your closet is... Chanel classic bag

Is there an issue of your magazine that you will remember for a long time (because of something special) or they are all same for you?
A special thing was when we made an issue about the work in Harmony in the 1st year, where was shown how the magazine had develop and also an issue with the fashion history from 800s

Fashion for you

Your favorite designer... Karl Langerfield and Elie Saab

Favorite magazine... Marie Claire and Bazar

How does it feel to be in charge of the whole work you all do and describe me the backstage(let's go with this) of Harmony in few words...
Well, being a creative director sounds a beautiful work and it is so, but it`s also hard because I should take care for a lot of things. Take care of images of the celebrities , making sure that those who work for Harmony are doing a great job, being present in every photo shoot and choosing the perfect face that fits in each month

What do you think of Fashion in Albania and mostly in the last year?
Now fashion in Albania is like in every other city of Europe with a lot of taste and possibilities to dress up. I have seen most of the youth is dressed very well and with impeccable taste.

Your opinion of Albanian Fashion Bloggers...
I encourage bloggers to continue this trend and never give up showing off the fashionistas they truly are 

Thank You Armina for the answers and time you spent!

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