Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make your day off FUN

Yesterday my dearest friend Rea had a day off and she came to my home and wanted to learn how to cook one of her mum's favorite desert of mine - the carrot cake(as she was going to surprise her). We cooked it together and of course we prepared some chocolate cupcakes with cute different frosting on top 2. 
Since she was my cooking guest I gave her my old cooking apron (as I need to make the new one named ofc Kiki's Book of Dreams)
She is such a food lover. She couldn't wait for the baked cupcakes so she went to the batter (even though I have to admit - the batter itself it's super delicious so there is nothing wrong eating few tsps :P) 
Here I am preparing the cute pink frosting. I know I should make a recipe post with frosting but since I can't wait I'm sharing it quickly with you. I whipped some whipping cream with mascarpone and then divided the cream in 4 bowl. In the first bowl I added some fresh vanilla and mixed everything in, in the second bowl I added some dark cacao powder and did same(mix in), in the third some melting smooth peanut butter and in the fourth some coconut flakes and food coloring 
Preparing some chocolate decorations for the cupcakes. This is super easy and fun to make. Melt any kind of chocolate you want/prefer and put it in a plastic bag as the one you see in the photo, cut a tiny part with scissors and start drawing in a piece of aluminum foil anything you like. Then carefully transfer it in the freezer for few minutes until chocolate hardens and it can be used for the top decoration of a cupcake. 
 Bon Appetit
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  1. mmmmmm they look so tasty !
    i'm like Rea, i can never wait for it to get done, i always taste a little while i am preparing it!
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  2. Yummy they look so good, I cant wait to try another one of your delicious bakings!!!

  3. It must be really fun! Look so yummy! Great cupcake

  4. I'm following you back here :)
    Both blogs are wonderful!


  5. It was an amazing day and i was lucky trying this delicious things ^^


  6. Lucky you:)


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