Friday, January 18, 2013

Mixed Looks

Hello there lovelies !!! How are you doing; finally Friday evening huh?! I've been so busy with all school projects and exams and I'm so sorry for posting once in a while and not regularly. I was looking at my pics tonight and noticed that I had some looks which I never had the chance to post them here, so here I am showing you these looks ! 
Hope you like them and hope you have an awesome relaxing (hope i would be having same) weekend !!!  

♥ This is my outfit I wore for a job meeting this June 
 ♥ This is my outfit I wore... I don't remember where but I like it, it's simple and comfortable and I love the hairstyle + its super simple to make (I do it myself) 
 This is the look of the Sunday's family lunch, dark lipstick it's becoming my fave one to use lately
♥ These are 2 pics I took just few days ago, my outfit and school look
Hair : lower classic bun, comfortable, easy and cute. Don't you think so ?!

Let me know what you think of these looks and wish you a splendid Friday evening and weekend ! 
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Love, Kiki


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