Thursday, January 31, 2013

Affordable fashion or brands?

It is a question you read in practically every interview with someone who is “in” the fashion world, or arouses some sort of interest in the way they appear in our eyes (the public). It is probably one of the most important questions for the fashionistas or the wannabes, who try to inhale every syllable that concerns the topic. Bottom line, it is indeed a very important question, which awaits for an equally important answer. So which is it going to be, affordable pieces you find here and there or famous brands bought from the beautiful shops?

Indeed, having your wardrobe filled with brand clothes, does fill your life with joy. Who`s the bloody fool who is going to say no to brands? A brand product screams its name, it doesn`t whisper; it goes under the “I`m sexy and you know it” line. It is a piece, which has a quite special importance for the owner, because it is created especially for him/her, the lucky client. You would even organize the whole wardrobe so the Alexander McQueen head piece had the leading role, or the Vivienne Westwood dress was the first to catch the sun beams, radiating as the sun itself, inside the compartments. And were you to blame if you even wanted (silly as it may sound) to have lunch inside your wardrobe, just so you could please your eyes with all these gorgeous pieces? No, my dear. You are fairly forgiven.

Yet, I think we are not all so lucky as to line the Oscar de la Renta dresses just as we do with books in our shelves. And even if we were, don`t you think there is such thing as loving a clothing piece, regardless of its non-royal descent? Princes hardly ever fall in love with princesses in the real world, as you may have noticed. And at the end, a work of art is still art, no matter of the nameless artist. 

Affordable fashion… It might sound a bit suspicious. Tacky even…? Is it fair to equalize it with cheap fashion? I dare say no. I dare say, I strongly disagree. In my opinion it is this moment, when a person really gets to see how much gifted he/she is when it comes to fashion. It is only when you have just a few things to work with, that you realize what you are capable of doing. Playing with brands only can be, as I call it, a safe game. You know you are holding the right cards, and that makes you unstoppable. But there is a lack of boldness at this game. I advise you to make it more interesting. I dare you to gamble a bit, through yourself in an adventure you will end up loving. 

You never know what you are going to fish when you through the bait, as much as you never know what you are going to find in a nameless shop, or in an affordable brand shop. I am smiling just to the thought of vintage shops… Pieces purchased in second hand markets can be as unique as brand pieces. And a little secret from me to you, they might even be brand, vintage brand, of those that should cost a fortune, but somehow ended up in your neighbor`s back yard sale. 

But please, whatever you do, whichever side of the argument you defend, do not make the horrible mistake of mixing the terms together in a horrid conjugia, which can easily be baptized as something as an affordable-non-affordable-brand… A fake piece is the last thing your wardrobe needs. You walk down the road to see a flood of Loui Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurent fake pieces. Moreover, someone is bold enough to wear them from head to toe, causing a terrible ache to one`s eyes. Attention please, that is not something you do, that is fashion suicide… So remember, the next time you go shopping, let yourself free and be driven by instincts, forget the clichés or any rigid definitions, and the rest will fall to its perfect place!

By J.J 

 ♥ Kiki ♥


  1. Well I believe that there are people who can have a wardrobe filled with branded clothing and have no sense of style...I will agree with you that a person will show his talent when he has less....Also there are so many amazing stores, like H&M, where you can get dressed and look fabulous!!!!

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  5. Lovely article! What is your opinion of high street brands? Is that what you mean by affordable fashion or not?

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