Thursday, December 6, 2012

Featured on 'Shije" magazine

"Shije" magazine (shije in English means taste) is an Albanian magazine on the culinary art. Basically it's a new magazine since this was their 8th issue, but I can tell you for sure that this is the best magazine in Albania when it comes to gastronomy. I had a surprise contact by them and one thing led to another. They had seen my cooking blog and my love for food so they wanted me to be part of the December issue. I first had a message by the director of the magazine telling me how surprised he was of my work and also my young age. I met him next day and everything went just perfect. I was really excited about this, not only on the fact I was going to be featured on a magazine, but on the fact that people would have the chance to know me better, to know my love and special relation with food. First we had to do the photo-shoot and after talking with the photographer of the magazine, Manila Harizi (great girl and photographer) we decided to do something related between my love for food and my love for fashion. We had a "let's go picnic" photo-shoot and the final product was just amazing. Everything was in our side, even the weather. It was November 17th when we did the shooting and it was all sunny and warm outside (not mentioning the fact that 2 past weeks were all rainy and grey days).  After the productive day I had a meeting with the journalist and we had a nice time; I started talking about everything related to my love for food and sometimes I felt like I was talking too much...but It's never too much when it comes to our passions and what makes you feel happy !!!
My profile's headline is called : "Kristi Janku, a different teenager..." In this profile you will read about my passion for food, fashion and their strong connection to each-other ! 
This is all for now (I'm not even showing the other pages of the magazine about my profile),  if you are in Albania it's available in every store that sells magazines, if you're not you will have to wait 2 weeks until I'll post the whole profile. 
A special thanks goes to all members of "Shije" magazine for making this happen !!!
More photos from the photo-shoot will be posted in the next few days! Until then I'm leaving you with a picture caught by Eranda (my sister) during the photo-shoot and with one of my faves songs about Christmas (happiest and cutest day of the year) :

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Love, Kiki


  1. wow! love it this pics congrats Kiki!!!

  2. Congrats darling. Loved the photos and now I am also a witness of your great cooking skills.

  3. Wow! Congratulations Kiki! You look beautiful and it must be so exciting to see yourself in a magazine! I hope you get to be in more magazines :-). How are you doing? I'm going on a trip tomorrow! xoxoxo

  4. Babe i'm proud for you , everyday more and more . You are amazing and I hope next time you'll be the cover girl

    Yours , Rea

  5. wow! that's sooo cool! Congrats!
    your blog is very stylish (no wonder you have been featured). following you now

    Inside and Outside Blog
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