Thursday, November 1, 2012

Simina Turcu

Hello there my lovely readers, how are you all doing? Hope you had an awesome Halloween! 
So for all of you who don't know here it goes again : the new project on my blog is to introduce you with Albanian Fashion and Art. Since there are not many Albanian Fashion site-s that can keep you informed with what is happening around here and I thought to give it a try and to let you all know that we have what to offer! 
Simina Turcu in not Albanian though,  but I had the chance to know her one year ago when she worked at "Polis" uni and this interview with bring out her thoughts of Albanian Fashion and labor market, also you will have the chance to know more about her project called "Tirana Mag" ! 
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Enjoy the interview !!!

  •     Tell us a little bit about yourself...
Simina Turcu -freelance Art Director, and Fashion Stylist . Also I am a lecturer at Polis University Tirana.  I studied at London Fashion University London UK. Please follow below some of my previous work experience in Bucharest Romania:Project manager Beauty & Fashion coordinator-  Fashion Tv and fpeople.roBeauty Stylist - Glamour MagazineBeauty Stylist - Prevention MagazineBeauty Director - EVE Magazine BBC ROFashion & Beauty Director - Eva MagazinFashion&beauty, editor at Jeta magazine Tirana, art director styling at "Shije" magazine

  •     Which has been so far the work/job you've enjoyed most?
During the years and multiple jobs I've had, I discovered that working in the international brands of magazines is the most exciting, since you can always learn more from the other collegues more experienced  who work outside the country. You also get to have always new inspirations. My favorite 2 brands that I enjoyed working for the most, were Glamour magazine and Eve BBC. On the first one I loved their amazing team and also the fact that  the magazine was the best sold magazine in Romania, which means that a lot of people used to see our work there. On the Eve BBc magazine, the Uk brand gave me a more stylish perception about what a glossy  magazine work is about and I loved to let myself carried away by the English influence of  seeing fashion and beauty. It’s a distinct style that I loved to follow and put my marks and creativity in it too.

  •     What got you into fashion?
I went into fashion just because of my passion for it. Everything started with some not well payed jobs with beauty styling, but after they were published some people started to notice my work and this was the time when I started to get job offers. That motivated me to carry on and also to go for a specialisation in the Uk for this.

  •     What brought you in Albania?
I arrived in Albania for a very short visit but since life has its strange ways of arranging the path, I got offered a job at Polis University as a lecturer for the second year students. I accepted it and here I am, having the best time and doing the work I love: fashion and beauty for print, advertising and work with students in Albania.

  •     What do you think of labor market in Albania?
The labour market in Albania as I see it, is very similar with the one from the country where I come from, Romania. The people are very open to new things and have a very strong desire to create, work and reach new levels. The level of stress is lower, so this makes the work more enjoyable for me. 

  •     What do you think of fashion in Albania?
Fashion in Albania is a growing developing field as I see it, and this should give more confidence and urge to the young creators and designers, to bring the best of them to the Albanian public. Fashion in Albania is not neutral. It gives moral directions and shows the level of people's culture in a strong manner. I find many styles on the streets and many people who are not afraid to express themselves. 

  •     What do you think of Albanian Fashion magazines?
Fashion magazines in Albania are the same like other in-house-created-brands from other countries. They reflect a bit of the needs of todays women and they try to give to the public a small piece of what's new in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle scene in Albania. I  work currently for Jeta magazine as a fashion & beauty editor, and I enjoy very much working with their team.

  •     Tell us your new latest work (Tirana Mag) What is Tirana Mag bringing differently from the other fashion magazines around here?

  • The new project Tirana Magazine, it’s an online project created with a team of people, with who I for a long time in London, but also from Polis University. It's a free issue that anybody can enjoy for a few minutes when they have a lunch break at work in front of laptop, and want to have a piece of glossy magazine with a simple click. It does not substitute the pleasure of reading a printed fresh inked magazine, that you can put to your collection, but it's dedicated to the online users and gives the reader information about trends, interviews with interesting people in the fashion industry, lifestyle tips and of course fashion editorials that we produce in London, or Paris. Follow us every month to enjoy the free issues.

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  1. It was great reading this interview. I've seen Eranda and Julia work with her but I didn't have much information about her background. I'll go now and read Tirana Mag

  2. Simina is amazing , and ofc you Kiki for taking this interview
    lots of love

  3. thanks to you i'm starting to love albania again and i'm seeing how hard you guys are working to move forward , not only in teh fashion world !

    keep making this amazing interviews!

    lots of love.


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