Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello there my lovely readers! Happy Halloween! Sorry for the late post but I was really busy yesterday. This is a different and special post. I'm not showing any recipe, just some pictures on what I did yesterday to celebrate Halloween. I did some chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream on top and of course some Halloween decoration. Nothing big or extraordinary, something small but cute. Hope you enjoy the pictures. The recipe on these delicious cupcakes will come soon! 

Pershendetje lexuesit e mi te dashur! Gezuar Halloween-in! Me vjen keq per vonesen e postit, por dje isha teper e zene. Ky eshte nje post ndryshe dhe i vecante. Sot nuk do te tregoj ndonje recete, thjesht disa foto te asaj cka une bera dje per te festuar Halloween-in. Une gatova disa cupcake cokollate me ajke te rrahur persiper dhe sigurisht disa dekorime Halloween-i. Asgje e madhe apo jashte normales, dicka e vogel por e lezetshme. Shpresoj t'ju pelqejne foto. Recete e ketyre cupcake-ve te shijshem do te postohet se shpejti!

 ♥ Kiki ♥

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