Friday, August 17, 2012

Niko Komani Interview

If you are an Albanian you've seen this face probably more than 5 times in TV. If you are an Albanian Fashion Lover you've seen and heard of him a lot ! He is the Fashion Editor of "Anabel" fashion magazine and not only! My sister suggest me to talk with him when I first got the job here! To be honest I was first a bit scared because maybe he would refuse the work-ship I planned, but I was wrong! I was thrilled to hear a positive answer out of him and finally got to know him in person. Here is the interview I prepared for you to know him 2 :

1) How can you describe your style?

My style changes almost every 7 months. I have quite a peculiar style, I try to always mix my clothes. Though my original style is very rock inspired, very underground.

2) Your style icon?

There are many actually. Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Kaney West, Lady Gaga, Wiz Khalifa, Paloma Faith… ect. I like people with an original touch in their choices. Our choices should always have a reason - why a combination works that way, and these people know perfectly well how to create an attractive image.
3) Who do you think must be a girl's style icon?There are many from abroad, like Amber Rose, Golden Barbie, Rihanna. As much as it concerns Albania, I would say Lori Hoxha.

4) Your favorite designers at the moment

My list has increased lately. I really like Marc Jacobs, Stela McCartney, ect.

5) What is your favorite garnment piece ?

Jackets, t-shirts, and I am obsessed with accessories. Accessories dephinitely are the finishing touch of an outfit.

6) What got you into fashion?

I have dreamed about working in the fashion industry since when I was a kid. It is a beautiful place to be working in, though equally hard. But when you put your heart in it and you are driven by passion, everything seems so easy.

7) Your take in Albanian Fashion?

Unfortunately I don`t believe there is an actual Albanian fashion, at least not yet.
8) What do you think of fashion Bloggers in general and Albanian Bloggers in specific?I used to follow so many bloggers, back at the days when I had some spare time. I`ve got to admit that work has gotten my attention a bit away from them. Though, in general, I really like them, you can learn so many things about fashion or just about a person`s personal style. I like that the phenomenon is growing even in Albania.

9) If you had a chance to be someone else for one day who would you like to be?

Oh, great question. I don`t know… I think I`m walking in Dhaulagiri`s shoes at the current moment, because it fulfills me 100% and it makes me feel good, but I would love to be Andre Leon Talley for one day. I would like to be backstage at an editorial, to see how everything goes and try to take some lessons. 

10) Which do you think are the best shops in Tirana?

I don`t usually like to advertise, but I would recommend stores like Chic Studio, Max Mara Weekend, Penny Black, Max & Co, Glamour. They have some really good pieces.

11) Affordable Fashion or Brands?

Together it’s the perfect combination. If you wear yourself all brandy it will look boring I think, but combining a bit of brand and affordable fashion it's the best! 

12) How would you describe working at Anabel?

Frankly, it is almost magic. There is a lot of work, commitment, and so often I end up with just a few hours of sleep. We work a lot to keep up the good name. I am working at Anabel for about two years now and the readers seem to like our work. The readers are intrigued by the cover people and they can`t wait to read more about them, no matter what. Bottom line, a lot of work is needed each month, but that is how we have achieved everything so far.

13) What do you think of Albanian fashion magazines, what should they improve (including the Anabel)?

Truly, there aren`t many fashion magazines in the market. There are probably a couple of successful magazines, except Anabel, but they are not specified in fashion. There are mostly political magazines, so I don`t think I can give you a certain answer. 

14) We've seen you as a fashion critic so who do you think is the best and the worst dressed public figure in Albania?

Well, many like to think of me as a fashion critic, because of the show “Nothing personal”, which I co-hosted with Albana Osmani, who is also a close friend. And I quite like it, because it means that I`m doing right, whatever I`m doing. In my opinion, Albanian celebrities have a lot to work with their public image, because the better part of the them still hasn`t found their signature image, but they keep experimenting, and not in a good way. I can add names like Adelina Tahiri, Orinda Huta, ect.
My inspiration is... Music inspires me most, also movies. If a person gets inspired even by an empty glass than he/she should feel successful.

My favorite color... Yellow!!! Gives me energy 

Daily routine.... checking my favorite sites of fashion 

Fashion for you is... Everything!

My favorite magazines ... Anabel, Vogue, Glamour, The New Yorker, Esquire

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


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