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With Dalina Buzi - Anabel Magazine

You may all wonder "Who is she?" If you are Albanian and you read my blog than you know who she is! But for all the rest you are about to find this out! Her name is Dalina Buzi and she is the editor in chief of my favorite Albanian Fashion magazine "Anabel"! I've been and am a fan of the magazine since the first issue and I'm sure I'll be for a long time! I thought to share this info with you guys but not just talking how much I like Anabel or stuff like this! I made it reaching an interview with Dalina and she was the "goal" to my post! Here are some answers you could never get without her! Some "secrets" of their awesome work and her own success!  Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did and let me know of what you think of it!

  • When was the "Anabel" officially opened (let's put it this way)?

Anabel was  founded in May 2009 by me and my partners Geljant Kaleci who is also the main photographer and Denis Dako who currently administers the magazine.  The first issue came out in June. 
  • Which was (and of course is) your goal?
We wanted to create a magazine for the Albanian modern woman, a magazine which would speak her language, would cater her needs, would be her top beauty and fashion guide on the latest collections sold in Albania. 
  • Why this name? 
I've always loved that name. It's a very feminine name, it's a mix between two of my favorite women characters: Anna (from Anna Karenina) the dramatic woman and Belle (from La Belle et la Bete), the symbol of the devoted and beautiful woman. I also loved the description I found online: "Anabel - one who is loved by others". It can't get better than this!

Let's know Dalina more :

Your inspiration is...Everything. A painting in a wall can be just a painting to me one day and the next day, it takes a whole new meaning. Knowing that, I am very alert throughout the day, because I don't want to miss a thing. I am always looking around, eavesdropping (in a good way:), observing people in their relationships, observing women and how they dress, reading everything online from political news to fashion/entertainment and gossip. It's become a lifestyle to me. 

Your favorite color is....I'm in love with neon colors lately. Depends on the mood and how I feel about my body at a certain moment. I do seem to go for black and blue a lot, especially these days that I'm still "suffering" through the post-pregnancy weight gain. But I do love all colors. 

Your daily routine is....Don't get me starting! My daughters are my alarm clock, my youngest one is three months so I breastfeed her really early in the morning, around 6:30 and then change and feed my 2-year old. I go for a speed walk out around the lake and a swim afterwards at an indoor pool. And the rest is work. I am currently a producer at "Pasdite ne Top Channe"l, which is a daily show and that occupies a good chunk of my day. Parallel to Pasdite, I work on the current issue of Anabel, update my blog on Facebook...My routine is Hectic but I love it. 

Your favorite piece of clothing in your closet is...A pair of Diesel jeans. My first expensive buy with my own earnings in college. I studied in Boston/ US and there was a store I loved back then called "The Urban Outfitters". I remember saving $150 to buy a pair of stone-washed Diesels I saw at the store on Newbury Street. They were very expensive for me back then. I still have them, even though they're ripped and I can't wear them anymore. 

Is there an issue of your magazine that you will remember for a long time (cuz of smth special) or they are all same for you?
I can't say that all the issues have been my favorites. If I could go back, I would change some covers but this is the great thing about committing to one project, that you learn from your mistakes. I do love the second issue with Xhemi Shehu on the cover, because it was such a different cover from anything that had been done before in Albania. The reaction was great, we had to reprint the magazine. 

Fashion for you is... a great combination between the latest trends, your own personality and a great knowledge of your body type. Nothing looks more anti-fashion than a trend which doesn't complement the other two (Personality and body type). 

Your favorite designer...I am in love with Rodarte lately, it may be because the designers are women. The Mulleavy sisters are so creative and they understand perfectly what complements a woman's body. 
  I also love Oscar de la Renta because he brings out of a woman the romantic and the feminine. Yes the masculine look is great, the grunge and the punk and the jean and t-shirt looks are also very appealing, but designers like de la Renta, remind us that a woman's beauty and softness should be celebrated and not hidden. Nothing wrong with being tough, successful, a corporate C.E.O and wearing a 50's style flowered dress at the same time. 

Favorite magazine... (besides yours :P). Contrary to the popular belief, my preferences in magazines have nothing to do with fashion. I do enjoy Marie Claire (Uk Version), US Vogue and Glamour (Uk Version), but I love that I'm able to have "New Yorker" delivered every week at my office. To me, that is the creme de la creme of all magazines. 

How does it feel to be in charge of the whole work you all do and describe me the backstage(let's go with this) of Anabel in few words...
It's a way of life. I've been in charge of projects for a long time, either as an editor in a newspaper, editor-in-chief for other magazines (before starting Anabel), as the main writer for TV shows and currently as the producer and editor-in-chief for Pasdite ne Top Channel. I do need independence to function and it has worked pretty well for me so far. I admit I am a very controlling person, but I am fair and when I see great work from my staff, I prefer not to intervene. I take the Silent Supervisor role:). We don't meet everyday, most of the time we talk on the phone and exchange ideas online. We only meet at the last days before the magazine goes to print. It's worked for us this way so far. 

What do you think of Fashion in Albania and most in the last year?
I do think that for as long as Albanians are so aware of the public opinion, of what people think of them, they will struggle with fashion and style. Just because you have the limited edition of a Louboutin pump or a Herve Legger bandage dress, it doesn't mean that you're automatically fashionable. The style as everything else comes in a package with self-confidence. You can wear a simple black dress and two pearl earrings and shine because you're confident in yourself and free from all the burdens of the public opinion. 

Your opinion of Albanian Fashion Bloggers...
Well, we happen to have a very famous Albanian fashion blogger like Aureta Thomollari, whose blog has drawn interest among big name designers. I also enjoy Lori Hoxha's blog, because she brings a fresh perspective on the lives of rich and famous in Albania. She shows people how to match a Hermes bag with Zara or H&M. I think it's great that Albanian women are getting into fashion blogging, but the most important thing (and I can't seem to stress it enough) is to be original and represent yourself, your creativity, your background, not just a version of other successful bloggers known internationally.  And don't ever forget to mix and match your style with Albania. It makes the blog much more interesting to foreigners. 

Which one would you call the best pic of mine from photo-shoots?   
I love the cover photo the best. I think it's more representative of you as an individual: creative, original and open minded. 

Thank You Dalina for the answers and time you spent!

Enjoy the pics of some of my faves covers :
 Here is a picture of staff(missing few guys) of Anabel magazine :

I enjoyed the time I spend working for this post, reading the answers of Dalina and I wish one day I can be part of something beautiful like this, why not of "Anabel" itself...
My advice to you (as-always) - Keep dreaming and make those dreams come true! There are no such things as "you can't do it"! You just got to believe on yourselves! 
I'm leaving you guys now, cuz I gotta go to school! Let me know what you think of my post, which is your fave magazine in your country and everything else you wanna say! 
...And I love you sooo much! Thanks for being part of my life!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


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