Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Answering to my questions!

Hello there guys! Some days ago I made a post, a question post in which you could ask me EVERYTHING and here is the answering post! 
  • Question number 1 from Ulia AliWhat do you seek in other blogs? Who are your favorites? :) And I would be interested to hear about Albania fashion industry! Is it developing well, do you have fashion weeks etc. 
Well Ulia I do believe that everybody is unique in his/her own way and so I believe that each blog is unique in his/her own way! There are thousands of Fashion Blogs and I love seeing and searching for them! When I open a blog for the first time I see the header which is the first thing you can see when you open a site! Then posts he/she has in first page, what does she/he represent. It's like a chain : every photo, post, text is related to who you are, what you represent, who you want to be and what is Fashion to you! That means a lot to me! I seek in blogs inspiration(that is really important to me), lifestyle, ideas! Something that I would get bored of it, fresh honest posts, cuz I got to tell you nowdays is really hard to be honest and especially in a site which everyone can see it! I love lots of blogs and If I would start to mention them it would be a long, long list and I wouldn't like If I mentioned a blog and left another which one I like a lot to, so I would like to talk about your blog! Your blog is one of my favorites. Why is that? It is inspiring to me, you have your own style, lifestyle and you represent yourself with what you wear, how you shoot, what you write! To me you are an openminded girl who is on and ready for new changes and get the best out of it! I love the spirit of your posts, the smile I get in every outfit you wear wishing one day I could be as successful as you are and I also love the opportunities you give your readers to be part of magazine you work, to let them a chance to be happy and to show the world who they are by showing in the end who you are! I do really appreciate and like that on you! I do see it more than just a competition, I see it as a chance to be who we want to be, a chance to let people feel free and happy for who they are and that is just beautiful!!! About Fashion Industry in Albania; Fashion in Albania is developing with big steps but I don't think Fashion Industry is doing the same! People now are trying to have their own style and being more openminded and carefree, but fashion Industry is much more than that! I don't "like" the Albanian Designers I know(sorry if I hurt someones feelings, I'm just talking for those who I know), because I think they stay in just one frame, the usual one, every-day clothes or 2 fancy ones! What I like about Fashion is that you can be imaginative and creative and noone will judge for that (well they will but I personally don't care :D) and I think Albanian Designers don't get that yet! Everyone can be a "designer" by showing the world what clothes she/he wear but being a great designer is the one who inspires the others, who has something more than the usual to share! But that is just my point of view. I can tell you though that in couple of years I see Albania way far(for good) in Fashion Industry! I like the both sides for Albania in this sector because I think I will have many opportunities in my future to do something about it, to make it better and to show the world that Albania is worth it in Fashion! Yes we have a Fashion Week, but I don't know much about it :( I know that one was one June and I think that was the only one, but I'm hoping for another in near future! There was one on December 1o, but was in Kosovo(so I didn't have a chance to go) If you are interested you can see the Albanian Blogs take a look on my sidebar and also one Albanian Site called "Tirana Street Style"     
  • Question number 2 from Marcela GmdHi lovely, I be interested a post about the new designers of Albania!!
I talked about this section on first question! I'm telling you names of those designer I know and are worth mention it : Katerina Bocci , Jona Muca , Mimi 
So here is all! Hope you got what you were looking for! 

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Love, Kiki


  1. I love this look! you look so pretty!

    <3 Una

  2. I am loving the purse you are wearing :) Loved reading this post

  3. hey great great post - love the 2nd part - about Albanian fashion - i bean checking again again and again on Internet but as u say - is nothing really, but than again - just have to wait and the new generating hope will show what is what.... u have so nice places to eat and have coffee i think....but i never ever bought anything to wear ---- oi i found some nice fabrics in albania - amazing ones, but i heard in albania u have many shoe factories so maybe that one could be good for new designers and also i always buy ur fashion magazine when im there and i will keep looking for some albanian fashion ideas always I'm there.... so would be thankful if u or ur sisters when something comes up post a blog post - I always read u three

  4. I'm loving this idea, beautiful questions and amazing and answers. You did a really beautiful post here Kiki.

  5. grrrreat look, love ur hairr so muchhh! x

  6. Oh, love, thank you so much for your answer! It was really interesting to read about fashion industry in Albania. I don't know why, but your country always interested me a lot, I think it's very different from other European countries and I remember in childhood I was asking my parents how does it look like, what are their main sightseeings etc. (Gladly we have Google and Wikipedia now ;))

    And it was so so sweet to read your kind words. Thank you so much! I hope in few years we will be seeing each other often on some sophisticated bloggers' events and Fashion weeks ;) *fingers crossed for both of us!*


  7. you are so beautiful <3 missed you! hope that you are well, lover!

    xx james


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