Tuesday, May 22, 2012

22 May - mourning day for Albania

Today is one of the most shocking days Albania have ever had! A bus was crashed yesterday on May 21 near the town of Himara in Qafa e Vishes. A bus from my hometown Elbasan carrying students of Elbasan's uni "Aleksander Xhuvani" 13 people are dead, 11 girl students, one boy and the driver, meanwhile 26 girls are in hospital(5 of them in bad conditions,  and others out the danger of death)! This is really shocking for all Albanians and I guess for all people in the world because this is a tragedy, a mourning day for Albania! I pray for those girls and wish you will all do the same! 
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Some pics of the tragedy :
I thank all people of the village where the bus was crashed for the immediate assistance! 
Ironically our song on "Eurovision" its about pain and crying! It's in Albania language, but I think it is a great song and she sings the best of it (Rona is also the writer)
Support Albania in Eurovision if you like it! Here is the song(I couldn't find so fast the tonight's performance) :
Hope you're all having a better day than mine and all Albanians! Pray for those innocent girls!  

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  1. this is horrible! we have had similar bus accidents with children here in Estonia as well, even very close to my hometown. so tragic and sad. I hope the ones who survived will heal completely.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. This is really horrible :(
    I hate when such things happen.. especially with kids and young people :(

  3. that is horrible. No long time ago it happened the same to Belgian children that whent on a trip to Swiss...
    I will pray for them <3


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