Friday, April 27, 2012

Meat the Photographer

Hello there my dearest readers! How are you all doing in this lovely Friday night? I love Friday nights most and you all know why, because it means a weekend is starting, you can stay as long as you want and wake up whenever you want, or even stay at bed for all day long on Saturday; isn't that cool?! 
Today I want to talk to you about my photographer/s! You all know that my personal photographers are my sisters and they have done a great job with my photo-shoots! But this list has a new member, is REA, my newest photographer. She is my classmate and a close friend 2! I would describe to you her awesome work with lots of words, but you can describe her work by yourselves just looking at my latest photo-shoots! And from comments(which I love and thank all for supporting me) I can tell that you like(not to tell love :P) her work! 
In this post is opposite : I'm the photographer! I'm not best at it but I've got some good details as in the first pic right? You judge! Here are some photos of Rea captured by me
 Model : Reada Lemnusha
Photographer : Kiki Janku (me)
And here are some pics of ours :
Hope you all liked the pics and work we've done that day! I'm leaving you in this adorable night(I can't help but love this night :D) with a great remix :

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Love, Kiki


  1. You girls are the cutest :)

  2. she's doing a great job because i indeed love your pics =) apart from my professional photo shoots, my sister is always taking the pics for me (sisters are great <3 ) btw, which camera do you have??

    xo Ola

  3. Nice pictures Kiki, i like a lot the lights she has next to the bed, i think i'm gonna put some in my room as well :)

  4. Honey thank your for the post :)
    You are a great model and i love ur style

  5. These photos are adorable and I love your bright lounge clothes!!


  6. I think your pics are good :)the more you practise taking photos the easier it becomes. I am my own photographer because I was a photographer long before I started my blog :) Also, all of my friends are at Uni now so they can't help and my sister lives on the other side of the world. You are very lucky to have someone to shoot your outfits! It is a very difficult task for me :P


  7. hey sweetie! these photos are adorbs! you did a great job! i have little to no skills with cameras =) hope that you are doing just fine, babe!

    xx james


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