Sunday, March 4, 2012

Girls Wanna Have Fun

Hello there lovelies! How are you all doing? I'm really sorry for not being able to show you that I'm "Alive"! Yes I'm ALIVE :p 
My computer has some problems because every page related to Google it's not available(that is what is written)! I'm so angry and I don't know the reason of it! Finally I am now in a different computer and posting something! Really sorry for not being able to comment/follow/check out your latest posts! I will do that as soon as I find some time(not I have a family lunch) and a good computer(not mine)! I appreciate all the comments you leave and for supporting me by following! I promise I will follow and comment back ASAP! 
Yesterday I had a great day! Finally another photo-shoot on my blog! We were 4 girls(me, Julia and 2 of our friends) and my mum! We went to Botanic Garden and it was my first time there! It was really cute and I felt so good in all that peaceful view! 
I'm leaving you to enjoy some of the pics and will soon show you my photo-shoot! :
Fiona (Julia's friend) : 
 Reada (my friend). She is a great photographer and girl! She is a new blogger, but I'm sure she will be great at it as-well! If you are interested check her out HERE
 Julia (my sister) also the photographer of my photo-shoot! :

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. I love your boots and the sunglasses! Super fun pics! :)


  2. Love the photos. Beautiful colors. Great post.

  3. the second and the third photo are my favourites and I can't even describe how much I miss weather like the one you have there! :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. You are two truly adorable sisters ;)

    xx Nini

  5. hi there lovely! youre so adorable! i love reading your blog! im following you! :)

    please visit my blog and follow back :)

    xx.dannah <3


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