Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY - T-Shirt

Hello there lovelies! Sorry for being a bad blogger! I keep saying that because lately I haven't had time to post anything new and I hope this will end soon! Thanks for checking my post, for commenting and supporting! Every word of yours it means a lot to me! 
Today I'm showing my newest DIY! Hope you'll enjoy! 
What you need : a baggy black cotton t-shirt and one pair of scissors! Nothing else! 
I will try to explain you as good as I can! First you need to revert the T-Shirt. Before cutting make sure to leave a part in the end of it(as much as you want) of T-Shirt uncut-ted. Cut the dart of the t-shirt including the dark of sleeves! After cutting the dart of the whole T-Shirt try to smooth the different lines-try to make it as a "rectangular". (sorry for bad explanation :( ) To get this better look the pics : 
(mum is helping me while shooting, she is the "hand-model" :P)
 The final product :
 You don't need to use sewing machine because cotton stays like this, somehow the pieces rotate themselves :
Hope you got the bad explanation(sorry for that) and hope you like it :

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. Creative ...
    Love you miss...

  2. Great idea =)

  3. Great Kiki!!

  4. Very creative..Love it hun..If only i was fit enough to wear this look.. ;p

  5. Very creative. Thanks for sharing. =)

  6. from a boring t-shirt to a sexy t-shirt... cool!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  7. You did a great job with this diy :)

  8. great top! love it!:D

  9. love it!!! great DIY!

  10. this great idea is one of my favorite hobbies
    I love to do this with my boyfriends old t-shirts!
    It is so much fun to play ;-)

    love Ros.e.

  11. Mos na hajde kshu ne shkolle se kemi persona te rrezikshem ...ej mos me harro fotot dhe videot amann <3

  12. Ej se harrova ...ik mojj.... ahhahahhahhahahha <3

  13. Love the Diy, looks really nice!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.. And it will be really nice to follow you, And I'm doing it right now..

    And I will check your 2st blog.

    Thank you



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