Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome Dear Weekend

Hello there lovelies! How are you all doing? Thanks god is Friday, right?! I'm so happy at this fact. I have to study a lot during these 2 days, but it will be in my sweet home, eating my sweet delicious cooking sweets and taking my time to prepare for the Monday exams! I just found this picture and it's so inspiring, I feel the same as this pic! 
"Thanks a lot for helping me reach 500++ followers, it means a lot to me! Without you I wouldn't get so far and I wouldn't be here where I'm today! Please, I keep saying that but it is really important : Do not give up on things you like, love and are passion-ed about! Believe in your skills and let the world know who are you and what can you do! Thanks for awesome comments you do to my posts, thanks for following me and supporting me with all possible ways! I'm happy to reach this day and why not even better ones! 
P.S : Please when you follow, let me know by comment because sometimes I can't open your profile and I really take the time to check everyone's blog/site and I wanna know even a bit of you. Don't be "scared" that you don't have a popular blog, or you just started; for me is the same! I'm same with all you that just started blogging and have no followers!"... <3

Just in this moment I'm watching "The Voice Of Albania". Is the 1/2 finals and there are a lot of great singers! I wanna talk to you about a girl named Enrika which is one of my faves there! She is just 15 years old, has a great style and which is most important(DUH) she has an awesome voice! She can sing rock, metal, slow songs and she reach out the best of it! I like the way she represents herself and the song! Today she blew me away with the song, but since I can't show it to you in this moment, I'm posting 2 songs(different stream of music) that I like more :
(Let me know what you think of it, and if you wanna see more of her click HERE, I really wish her luck today because she has the change to go to the finals)

Let me know what you think of her and what you're gonna do this weekend! 
Stay tuned for the coming-soon contest! Till then...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. really good post. i love her voice.
    at the moment i'm watching the voice of germany :) are you from tirana?
    congrats to 500 follower- you deserve it.
    kisses from germany
    maren anita

  2. I love her voice!:-)

    congrats on 500 followers!

  3. spectacular photo honey


  4. have you seen all my tirana pictures in december 2011/january 2012. i was in tirana for one was my third time in albania. it's such an amazing place. I have visited the Daijti, Kruja, Vlora and many other places. can't wait to visit it again- as soon as possible :)
    kisses to you!
    maren anita

  5. I love the picture :)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    New follower, hope you have a chance to take a look at my blog too!


  6. of course kiki :) im following you now sweetie.
    this photograph is breath-taking!
    kisses ****

  7. Hey I just happened to visit your blog.. Following u now..
    Would be glad if you visit my blog sometime & follow me back :)

  8. hi! happy weekend, enjoy it ;) that's my last days of vacaction so I'll do lol. nice photo. thanks for the comment. xoxo

  9. thanks for sweet comment! I m following you (both of your blogs)!have a wonderful weekend dear!:)

  10. hi dear! you have a lovely blog!
    really like it!so you've just got new follower :)

    come and visit my blog sometimes!

  11. You hope your studying weekend is going well, but I hope you got to relax too.

  12. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.


  13. Great voice !! your blog is really inspiring mainly your writting !!

    Visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other!!

    I´m following you right now :)

    Big kiss Alexandra

  14. woow the picture is so beautiful!


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