Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why do "you" judge?!

Hello there everybody! I hope you're all doing good and having a relaxing night! With all work and jobs we have, always being busy I think we NEED a relaxing night! 
Today I saw a movie called "Taken" with Liam Neeson...Well to be honest(I always do, but here is a beginning sentence I use let's say often) I knew about this movie but the fact that I'm explain later made me really irritating enough not to see it(times before this one)! Here is the summary : Albanian people kidnapped an American's daughter! That's all I need not to see that movie! I liked the sacrifices a dad makes to save her daughter and in some moments I felt like crying, but why exactly Albanian people should be the bad guys? Like, this is not the first time but this is one of the most viewed movies and also with really good actors and it just makes me feel so angry! I mean why are we judged like bad people and like criminals? Why outsiders look at us and say Hi to us and when they figure we are Albanian they just walk away scared or with a typical face saying: "Albanian"(with an ironic look).... Not all of them of course, but there are a lot of people that are really rude to us(maybe I shouldn't talk with us, but I'm representing all Albanians that tries and they are polite and everything good and all they get is an ironic face with so judgmental ideas behind)! I know: there are Albanians that do bad things and they are caught in other countries and I'm not proud of that, but every country has good and bad people! What difference would we make otherwise(between people)?! And I know that there is a list with shameful things that Albanians have done, but that doesn't mean we are all the same! That doesn't mean that they are like everybody else, they are who they are and they don't represent anybody but themselves!... I don't like this what I'm saying, but the truth is ugly : "People look at us like we were aliens", yes they do! I have been facing these problems and I have tried to change there minds, but If they don't want to Ok no problem, because in the end I'm proud to be this who I am! I'm proud to be Albanian! I know I have so many things I would like to change in this country, the politics here are a mess(in my point of view), it is such a small country that sometimes this irritates me with it's own closed way of doing and thinking(mentality), I prefer to live in another country sometimes and some people are just so old-fashioned that makes me feel like Albania is never going to change....But than again no, I like who I am, I like where I was born, If I wasn't this who I am today I wouldn't have my sisters, my parents, my friends, my beloved one, I wouldn't have these thought and this heart! I would be a total different person with a total different way of thinking!...Would you like that?!!!
"So people be kind to others out there! Not to only Albanians, but to people you don't know! Don't judge them without talking to them, without knowing them, don't judge by things heard, don't judge them with a look! This way you hurt somebody's feelings and with that you start a link of a chain that will never end and will pass from somebody to somebody else...! You can do it consciously and unconsciously, both ways is harmful! Be open-minded and ready to change those taboos that are so wrong, telling everybody you do what you feel like doing and you think is right!"

This is all I have for night! Wishing you all a great day tomorrow full of happiness and love!

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Love, Kiki


  1. Oh honey, I'm Romanian, we are seen way worst thank you haha and you know it. ALWAYS Romanians are gipsy and stupid and we steal. Or we are vampires hahaha or we sell our children. OMG!!!! How stupid are the American producers? HOW?

  2. You touch my heart lovely girl...
    Wish one day things change... even there are no hopes...
    I will put on fb, and i will send this piece to some of my friend...
    Love you....

  3. lol..lovely post


  4. So true, we should never judge before we speak!


  5. oh honey don't worry! I'm from Poland and when anyone finds out that I'm Polish is like 'aaa okay..'
    people think that we steal. I hate it.

  6. Speak out loud girl!
    completely agree with your toughts and as i alway say: it's not where you are from but the family you have grown up with. IT'S ALL ABOUT CULTURE!

  7. Mmm i saw that movie like a year ago, i would be mad also if they would put peruavians as "the maderfkrs kidnappers"

    Totally understand you Kiki.


  8. I understand what you feel ....
    my daughter went to work to the Netherland ,and she was "the Italian" ( not as a compliment )!

    We don't think all in the same way...I think there are no Albanian, Polish, or Turkish, or Romanian, there are just people !

    I know lots of Albanian, their are
    so kind and friendly....


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  10. Love that video! :D

  11. Thanks for the comment! Yes my blog is undergoing some domain issues, since I just re-newed my website address but everything should be back up and running in a day or so. Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to keeping in touch over blogger! xoxo

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  16. I totally agree with you!!In every nation ,there are good people and criminals...So we must know personnally someone before we juge him/her...I am against the rumors which want some nations to be better than others.By the way,you have an amazing blog!!!!congratulations!!!


  17. So true!! This is a harsh truth that we all have perhaps faced at a stage in our life..

  18. LOVED the first photo!
    You're blog is amazing, I'm gonna follow it (:


  19. Loveeee your blog- your photographs are beautiful.

    newest follower...

    love from NYC,

  20. Hey there dear :)
    First of all, let me congratulate you on your wonderful blog. Definitely following :)Regarding the post, I wanted to say that Americans have always been known as people who stereotype due to their lack of knowledge about some things. Although I lived in the US for a few months and am quite Pro-American, I can relate to your reaction, because I feel the same way. We know who we are;we're Albanians, and we must stand tall and proud...


    PS: If you ever read this, I apologize in advance for my long ass comment xD


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