Monday, November 14, 2011

Stress At School

Hello there everybody! I hope your are all doing great! I started this Monday in happy mood and came home sad! I'm in first year at high school! High school in general is called as the great time in your life which you will always remember, but that is not true at all in Albania! Here we have a unique method and really heavy one! The lessons are super hard compared to other countries and this id good and bad! Good because when Albanian people go outside they win and are at first places(there are lot of examples), but those three years(used to be 4) are stressful and hard time. The lessons are long and hard and teachers ask you to be a genius  at their subject, but they all expect the same thing....I mean seriously you CAN"T be genius at all subjects, that is impossible!...My grades are a total mess this year and I feel worst with days passing! I can't show what I feel and at my high school they treat you mostly like Shit(sorry for my language, but it's true). They have weird and not making sense rules, like : do not wear boots on winter, I thought myself WTF, who has the right to say that, they don't let girls put make-up, not at all, not skirts or dresses and other stupid things! And if you don't like them they say: you knew the rules, so respect them, if you don't like them you can go! My high school is called as the best high school in Tirana, but I can tell for sure is not! The teachers are really prepared and they explain really good, but most of they are rude and have these primitive ideas. I know a school must have rules, but we have a uniform and besides that they ask us million other things! Their idea is to make us look and think all the same way, but I'm sorry mister I'm not like everybody else and I will never except this! And when I say and ask WHY because I'm right on something they humiliate you in front of all class and than they remember rampage! They say it's not true, but I can tell from a male teacher since I asked him why and I said to him to talk to me good since he was yelling at me without reason!...In the end I don't care, because I will not need a thing from high school, I will study Fashion Design and there is nothing near to that in high school, but still it sucks when you live with stress have the day, and most important EVERY DAY! 
Don't you think so?! 
And I want to say this:
This is something I wrote after a fight let's say with one teacher( the one I talked to you up)

High School : To teach or to judge us?!

We live at XXI century and we face facts that are honestly pitiful. The truth is ugly and just few people except this, most of them prefer to be lied with beautiful but short-living lie. It needs courage to face the truth!
High school is that period time when we(students)  disengaging from middle school method of teaching and become ready to face the life. High school is the most delicate period of all people because is the period of adolescence. Each student(person) asks his/her own freedom and space to be expressed and what is most important for people to listen what they have to say and for them to take in considerate their opinion and thoughts. Is a period of time that needs work from both sides and since I want to focus my subject on high school, needs work from teachers and students. All grown ups say they understand what I mean, but I’m not sure for that! Our(talking for all students) approach is different form yours(teachers). I believe in being unique and here is included approaching 2, but I think all students agree with me in this subjects and my thoughts!
High school now days is turn into stress and tiring work. Long hours working and most of time these hours are not rewarded properly.
We live in capital city and we should be example for whole Albania and it looks like we are not the right and asked example.
It looks like the method of teachers in first year most in high school is a “Nazi” way when the teacher tries to suppress and maintain control of pupils sitting down making it his subordinates. But is this the right way of teaching? We go in school to learn, but most important is what we learn. I personally don’t care for the quality of a teacher when he does not know how to talk to a student. When that person doesn’t listen and treat you in the right level. Either way we are, despite our inclination to believe that all have the right to be respected as much respect as everything is mutual. A teacher was authoritarian and I agree with this, but like everything else this has a limit 2. I don’t like the idea of ​​being an authoritarian teacher at a moment and at another moment to be a teacher who communicate and understand students. The luxury of being such teacher it offers classes and its moral level, but just once, can you put yourself in our position? How can we feel when the teacher put us in uncomfortable situations or when we feel humiliated by their words quite probably not malevolent? The last words are not true though. Often teachers are aware of their mean words they use and don’t care if they hurt us or put on us that kind of fear that don’t aloud us to raise our voice when we have right!
Isn’t this a suppression of your feelings? Get ued to fear just because teachers may see us differently and judge us by putting grades we don’t deserve? These are real words, not fake!
It looks like this method is being liked by teachers themselves and the rules system in school has exceeded its targets. A regulation that violates the rights of students is not a proper regulation, it is lame and dictator.
Personally I consider uniform one old way and somehow ignorance to get people look equally, to become like "a cattle", but when I put myself in teachers position and see that many students don’t get the school ethic and how they should be dressed at school it seems normal to me. Not everybody think like me and no one act like me. It needs a lot of courage to write this down, but in the end I have the right to express my thoughts and feeling by words, if it’s bitter or not.
What I mean with all this is simple : We come in school to be educated on the lessons and not to suppress our feelings and to learn to shut up once they are injustice thinking that this thing will pass and that we are not alone in what are we going though.
And here is our fault (students). Don’t you think is about the time that we people should talk about this defect of society by changing it? We are the ones who think that we have to get through what the other ones have gotten and that we are not the firsts in the end of all, but don’t you think we should be the firsts to change with weakness of society?! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. Be strong ! I'm sure you can do it !!

  2. Uhhhhh is not good.. hehehe

    Kisses :-)

  3. aw, that sounds awful! stay strong and i hope all will turn out well for you! //dariadaria

  4. I follow you of course! I like either your blogs! Congratulations, you must be a good cook .. the cakes seem delicious! (Especially the biscuit+cacao bars!)

    have a nice day darling!!!^_^

  5. helloooo beautiful and sweet kiki!
    I wish you good luck for all!
    waiting for you on

  6. stay strong sweetie! keep spirit, just enjoy it ;)

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I can relate to your feelings.


  8. i'm sorry your school is so strict. i had gone to a public high school and there were rules, but nowhere close to the things you're describing. so i feel incredibly lucky for that.

    i had always understood that of course, schools should have rules...but to not wear boots?! ridiculous.

    stay strong! and before you know it, high school is over.

  9. that totally sucks but you have to be strong and don't let them win! try to find at least something positive that keeps you going and fighting :)

  10. Stay strong darling!Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Enter the Shopkempt giveaway on my blog!
    Cosa mi metto???

  11. Hi Kiki!
    i followed your blog :)

    you're so good at cooking. <3
    i'd try to make some of your recipes. haha

    but you're also a student who feel stress.
    i cant say you're right or the teachers are wrong because i dont know exactly what the situation is.
    but i agree with you about students should obey the rules but teachers shouldnt be strict more than necessary.
    i've been a high school student until this March and had thoughts like yours.
    i understood that i was not grown up and made mistakes.
    so i thought about what i should do for myself, and if i believed my own thought, i just listened to teachers (it was not my house but a school, you know).
    but teachers(adults) make mistakes, they would be definitely model adults. haha
    listen to lots of people, think for a long time, watch lots of things, and at last, believe yourself. :)

    good luck. xx

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