Sunday, November 20, 2011

Because Chocolate Can't Get You Pregnant

Hello there lovelies! Another "cooking Saturday" is gone and I had another great time! I try to make different and special sweets every time I cook and this was the best one I can say! It is not difficult to cook, but It requires time and you should be careful. It was my first time actually doing the "Chocolate Basket with Pudding Cream" and it went great! 
Hope you enjoy the pics and why not get hungry :P!
Photographer : Eranda Janku

Pershendetje te dashur! Nje tjter e shtune gatimi iku dhe une pata nje tjeter dite te bukur! Mundohem te bej embelsira te ndryshme dhe speciale cdo here qe gatuaj dhe kjo ishte me e mira mund te them! Nuk eshte e veshtire ne gatim, por kerkon kohe dhe perkujdesje. Ishte hera ime e pare qe gatuaja "Shporta Cokollate me Krem Buding" dhe cdo gje shkoi shume mire! 
Fotografja : Eranda Janku

Mini Chocolate Basket with Pudding Cream
Shporta te vogla cokollate me krem buding
This is my best "Chocolate Basket with Pudding Cream" (one of the coming soon recipes)
Kjo eshte "Shporta e cokollates me krem buding" me e bukura qe me doli (nje nga recetat qe do t'ju tregoj se shpejti
Me after the busy day! 
Une pas nje dite te zene pune! 

 ♥ Kiki ♥

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