Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday dear Blog

It's been a year now since I first opened this blog. It was my sister's idea and I fell in love with  the idea. I wanted to be a model so bad then and I opened this blog to show my photo-shoots and my style. Well this is something really important for my blog now 2, but while posting I showed my feelings, my thoughts and everything else about my life, hobbies and passion for fashion. I've posted 127 posts and I have 371 followers. First it was really hard because I was posting really interesting stuff and nobody was commenting or following me. But than day after day different people were visiting my blog and were interested in what I was writing. I feels good when you notice that people are interested and read and give their opinion about the subject you treat...And here I am, one year later talking to you all like I'm talking to myself, feeling safe and like home. This blog is one of my greatest things I've ever done and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting and being there for me all along. I wouldn't get so far without you guys and of course without you and your adorable comments my sweet blog wouldn't be 1 years old! I'm a good mum right? Well I hope to go on like this and grow a beautiful "baby"

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. happy blog anniversary !! :)
    great pic :)
    i love your blog :)


  2. congrats, dear! :) and you do have a lovely blog ;)

  3. happy happy birthday, dearest blog. ;) Congratulations!

  4. Happy blog b-day Kiki! =D You're a great mum, yes ;)


    The Elegance Hunter

  5. Happy anniversary to your cute blog, I will have mine soon.

  6. Happy blog b-day Kiki!!! I really enjoy reading it!
    Waiting for more interesting, fashionable, funny posts!

  7. Happy birthday blog! :) <33
    ikind of had mine already but it wasnt special because i had a break,and then i was just blogging about everything and anything and i didnt have a theme, so really my 'fashion blog' kicked off on an unknown date, and i really started getting comments and stuff in july this year! so, when should i count my blog bday? :(

  8. happy bday for ur blog... its really cute... same like u...

  9. happy birthday !!
    lovely blog !!


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