Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Post

Hello there all my adorable readers! How are you getting along with the weekend? Well; mine was busy! I gave one of my 2 final exams on June 17th. It went really well and just after that we(me, Julia and mum) went to Tirana, cuz Eranda had her birthday and I wish her for the 100th time: Happy Bday! We went out, the three of us(me, Julia, Eranda) and her friendship to an open nightclub and we were home around 2:30 AM. I had a good time! The shopping went really good 2! I bought a super mega cute swimsuit and I will show you the shoes I bought one week ago, but I didn't have chance to show them to you earlier! I also bought my first officially heels, but I'm wearing them on my mini-prom so they have to be a surprise for you. I bought with the shoes and a handbag, still a surprise...
Sara is one of the most adorable, lovely, cute little babies and she is my sister(my uncle's daughter). I will show you her photo-shoot made by me. She is born this way baby and she is a great model! Hope you'll like what I have this time
 Sorry for the photos not being best quality

Bought items:
- My Swimsuit, I can wear them in 2 different ways

- My shoes

Hope you like the items and Sara's photo-shoot! I am really sorry for not being able to comment on your posts, but I promise as soon as I will finish my second one which is on June 23(I got to go and prepare myself) I will comment on your new posts and share everything these past few day with you! I know you are going to understand me! Hope you are all having a great weekend and wish you all the best!

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                              Love, Kiki


  1. Ooh such a cute baby!! Lovely post! I really like your new shoes!
    Alicia Mi Mundo

  2. The baby is soo cute!! And I love the shoes!


  3. Love the new in stuff !

    But I love Sara more !


  4. The baby is sooo cute!!
    love love the shoes and the new bikini! super cute

  5. most adorable baby ever!
    and i love hte bikini and shoes!


  6. love those shoes! x

  7. So adorable!
    And those shoes are going to look great on you. x

  8. thank you for the comment :)

    following you sweetie!x

  9. hihi, so cute! by the way, love the bikini and the shoes :)
    check out my blog too?

  10. Cutest baby and shoes, great blog.
    Following you.

  11. love, LOVE the shoes!! need me a pair!

  12. awesome shoes!!
    we can follow each other
    let me know to do the same!!


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