Thursday, June 23, 2011

A slow night!

Hello there my lovely readers and friends! How are you all doing? What are you doing in the moment you are reading this, except reading this? Is your summer in or still working? I'm finally free, my summer is officially IN. Today I made my final exam in math and tomorrow I have my mini-prom! 
Have you ever felt excited and sad in the same moment? Just me and my weirdness or this is normal? Now I'm feeling a lil' bit down and I don't even know exactly why! I'm seating in front of computer, talking to my best friend on msn and listening to Adele songs. I adore her songs, never get bored of them, lyrics so realist and true and so me... 
I'm weird, I know! But I like me for being weird and nerdy and complicated and easy in the same moment. I like me for excepting myself like I am, with my bad and good things! I used to have bad company and complain about many things, even my look! But I'm in my line of life now and I love me for being me! You all should do the same, cuz I guess in the end this is all what it matters! 
Anyway, hope I haven't got you in my mood!... I'm really happy to have almost 200 followers. Is not just about the number, it's about people and how they appreciate your little and big things of your ordinary life(or not), how they can turn your day for good with just a comment! I'm really happy to have you part of my life, it doesn't matter what is going to happen, I know I have you here in my little blog where I share little and big dreams!...
Do you have problems 2 with Blogger cuz I can't change my profile picture! Blogger have been really messy this past few weeks! I want to do a Giveaway post, but I'm not sure. I mean ok I choose something and then I say what you need to do to get that thing or things. But how do I know who is going to win the thing? What if many of you do the same and all things I asked, who do I have to give that? I'm confused... 
Hope you are having a great night, definitely not like mine

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                               Love, Kiki


  1. ugh seriously, it sucks when Blogger goes crazy.
    You're bed is so pretty loving the lights =]


  2. have fun at your prom! and your bed looks so relaxing =]


  3. I'm so jealous that you've finished! Also, is that you're room? It's so nice and cosy

  4. Thanks for the comments girls, but that is not my room and not my bed! I found the pic few weeks ago in a random page!

  5. I hope your mini-prom was amazing.

  6. Aww dont worry Kiki :)
    Thanks anyway :D Hey I've posted the pictures of todays post. I must have forgotten them this morning :)
    Love Lois xxx


  7. I love that photo! Is that your bedroom?! And yeah Blogger is always having issues. I hope it starts working again and you can change your profile pic!

    And as for the giveaway, I always use a generator from to choose my winner. It picks the winner at random! ;)

  8. Hi Kiki! That picture is so pretty! I wish my bedroom looks like that! I'm also feeling the same way as you are right now, especially I have to work a lot and I'm feeling so tired. There are a lot of things in my life that I want to change but sometimes I don't even know where to start! Thank you for sharing the Groucho Marx's quote with me! It's so sweet of you. I have to wake up early tomorrow so I'll talk to you soon! Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of hugs! xoxoxoo

  9. Hey kiki
    it is completely normal to feel excited and sad at the same time
    I feel just like that when I graduated last may

    I used Random Picker software to draw the winner for my last giveaway
    you can googled it
    hope that helps!


  10. Hello…your blog is really nice!

    And you are WONDERFUL!

  11. yap! now I'm folloowing you! :)
    thaaaaaank! :)

  12. First of all, I`m the nerd of the family, at least let me be wise one, model girl ! :p lol
    and yeah we all feel high and low at the same time, it`s like being on bad drugs...or crying for no is not a cup of tea...
    i love you babes !
    and someday i`ll make your room look even better than that !


  13. Thank you for your sweet comment!!
    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  14. i really like your header! cute <3

    anyway check mine if you have a chance ;)

  15. have fun on your mini-prom!
    I'm a little weird too so I excatly know how you feel ;)

    I really like your blog and those all recipes make me hungry ;-)

  16. so cool I can't wait! :)
    And I'm following you now :-)

  17. Hi darling! :)
    Yes, i hate when blogger turns crazy! I change my profile picture too but i have the same problem!

    I think you're right, the most important thing at the end of all, it's being happy with ourself! Personally, i'm totally happy with myself, even with my deffects and virtues.

    Have a nice week! :)

  18. Thank you for your sweet comment!!!
    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  19. Congratulations on finishing, have a great time at your mini prom!

    Yeah I hate it when blogger plays up! Its been fine for me (I bet it will play up now I've said that haha), so hopefully yours will be fine again soon! I love the top picture, wish my bedroom looked like that!

    Have a great day, Love your newest follower...

    Girl about Town XxX

  20. I hope your mini-prom was great! I love "Adele songs" too. :)

  21. Hi Kiki! How was your weekend!? I wish we live closer to each other so that we can hang out and I can show off my cooking skills that I learned from your recipes :-).

    It's so cool that you're going on a summer vacation with your aunt's family! Sounds like you're so close to everyone in your family and you're so lucky! Biking is really easy to learn so don't worry! You'll have so much fun! Where I live, people usually walk or drive and there are hardly any bikes except on college campuses. I'm thinking of buying a car soon but it's really expensive because you have to pay for insurance, registration and gas so we'll see....

    Hope to see your new posts soon! Lots of love and kisses! xoxoxoo

  22. hi hon! LOVELY HEADER! i am your newest follower! i love love your blog!

  23. Hey! how was that mini prom? Hope you had a great time :)

    I liked that thing you wrote about just being ourselves you know, we have to start loving ourselves to start spreading good vibes to the others, that makes us live better and more happy :)

    I've just come back today from my trip to the mountains, maybe you wanna check out my pics!


  24. i like Adele's song too!

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  25. blogger has been weird for the past 3 days.. i even had a hard time to open the blogger page itself !

    www.glisters and

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