Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kiki's Collection...Now she has a name

I always wanted to have my own line of clothing and accessories, and why not, shoes too. And i have been in love with my name: Kiki since Drini called me that for his first time and the name of my line would be ofcourse; Kiki's Collection....And just maybe I think I am in my first little steps in that long way. The photos will speak for themselfes. These are my new headbands I made today. The photos are not in the best quality but I was so exited and I didn't care about the quality. Hope you like my new creations...

So if you someday are gonna have one of Kiki's Collection piece, that piece will be one of a kind, original and just for you...

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                                   Love, Kiki


  1. They're really cute! I would love to own one of your pieces one day! Kiki is a great name for a brand! xoxoxoo

  2. lovely like always :DDD Kikis accessories rock!!!! !_! :DDDDDd

  3. sooooo fabulous !!!!! you have talent baby

  4. thanks for your comment!ok!let's follow each other!I'm your newest follower!!xx

  5. Love ur headband! Cute blog!!

    Please follow back <3


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