Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Due to strong winds my internet line was dead for a couple of days, but now it is back, hoping for good...Firstly I want to thank my sister Eranda for the new and lovely header.
The old one:
The new one:

I have been really busy these past few days. In Albania we have a holiday on March 7, called Teachers Day. I had to make a video, so firstly i took pictures of  them all and I wrote an opinion about them. The video came out really cute and the teachers really liked it. The pictures below will show you me and my best friends will the coolest teachers of my schools who I luv very much...

Angela, Laura, teacher Jola(geograpgy and history teacher), teacher Anjeza(computer teacher), me and Jora

Isn't she lovely?
Don't I have a sweet teacher?

As i told you, 7 march in our country is teachers day, so in this day we try te give them a good showing to show our apriciation for them.The girls of 5th grade had worked hard, they made for us a short runway with their own clothes and style, and in the end they made a cute dance which i loved...
After the show we went home. Laura and Angela came in my place and we had a lot of fun...That's all I have for you.Hopw you liked it. Till next time:

                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

                                      Love, Kiki


  1. I think it's so cool that you have teachers day to appreciate them! I love the pictures! xxooxxoo

  2. well its the only day when we do to school nowing and no hoping for no class :PPP The best teachers that our school has... :P cute pics :D

  3. had a lot of fun that day! Lets hope we can do that again! ♥
    love the pictures!

  4. thanks for comment.I follow you back :)

  5. great pictures! following you too xxx


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