Saturday, November 30, 2013

Project : Let's Have Some Fun

"Baking is fun, happiness and brings you joy ! Come cook with me  "

Just some more details of what I have on Insta profile (follow me)
Photo credit : Eranda Janku 
  • Vanilla Cupcakes, Chocolate Cupcakes, Shortbread Cookies and Oatmeal Coconut Cookies (find the recipes in here) 
  • "Invasion of tiramisu ! So much of it can really get you high" - my sister said (find the recipe on blog, the another version one)

  •  This my : "Fiona's Birthday" Project. As my cousin Fiona had her 10th bday today I decided to be the cook of her "friends party" and family celebration. I cooked for her : Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Pudding Frosting and Colored Sugar on top, Chocolate Cupcakes with Basic Frosting, Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate Cake Rolls (the wrapped ones in the fridge photo) and 2 Bday Cakes : Carrot Cake layers, Amaro splash and Vanilla Pudding Frosting. (find the recipes on blog, not the bday cake but u have the basics, soon will be posted the full episode aswell)

Wish u all a great evening and can't wait for your thoughts on this part :) 

♥ Kiki ♥


  1. All these sweets look so amazing! I would love one of those cupcakes right now

  2. Wow Kiki, you rock! :-) So many yummy cakes



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