Monday, October 7, 2013

The Tourist

Haha, funny actually how I totally forgot about this shooting ! Thank god my sister reminded me of these awesome pictures I took when I was in Crete. Wearing her adorable white dress, my floral espadrilles, hat, sunnies and the cute mini bag; with "The Island" book we bought there on hand and the island's map I was feeling like "The Tourist". Exploring the place and enjoying the magic of Creete (you should deifinitely put Creete/Greece in your "places to go"list if you haven't been there yet) 
I can't wait till the next summer, this unforgetable time of the year ! There are always new places to visit...

Photographer : Eranda Janku 
Location : Elounda, Crete 

♥ Kiki ♥


  1. Lovely look so sweet! Perfect colors

  2. Beautiful You & Crete!! :*

  3. You look so cute in that white dress!

  4. So beautiful pictures!!!!


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