Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life's For The Living

Isn't life beautiful ?! Yeah I didn't say easy, but all in all life is the most precious gift we are given so why through it away ?! Why being sad for things we lost when we have the chance to be happy for things we found and have ?! Life's for the living so live it...
...A combination between my new skirt, the pair of heels I never wore before (they've been in my shoe closet for a long time) and my 'new' vintage shirt. This is the shirt my mum had since she was my age and here I am now wearing it ! I love that great feeling when you go shopping in your own home, in your mum's closet. Most of my vintage clothes are from my mum's and auntie's personal collection which they wore when they were my age and how wonderful is that I'm wearing those now ?! and they don't give me only clothes, with these adorable pieces they give me their style, their beauty and happiness ! Can't you see it ?!...

"Don't you cry for the lost 
Smile for the living 
Get what you need and give what you're given 
Life's for the living so live it 
Or you're better off dead"

Photographer : Julia Janku 
Post production : Eranda Janku 

♥ Kiki ♥


  1. I adore the look and you are so cool :)

  2. The photos look incredible, that skirt fits you perfectly!!

    Have a great weekend,
    Mary x

  3. where did you get that skirt ? *o* Perfect Look

  4. I also wear clothes that belong to my mum and aunt when they had my age :) I love the details of the shirt and you look so beautiful :)


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