Saturday, September 7, 2013

Insta Sicily

Hello there lovelies ! Sorry for not posting lately, been really busy travelling and working in different projects...and since school started I'll be busier as you can imagine ! Wish you're all doing good and thanks a lot for the adorable comments, mean a lot to me ! Let me know what are you working on now, I would gladly like to know ! 
I was 10 days on Sicily, Italy as you may already know if you are my Insta's follower I had a great 10 relaxing fun days and back home ready for an intense school year as I'm a senior with year ! Here are some of my pics shown while I was there, hope you like them and tell me how were your vacations ! xx 

1. Welcoming Party 
2. Gioiosa Marea's Central Square 
3. Torte al gelate / Ice-cream cakes yum yum 
4. Chiesa di Tindari, great time 

1. Alcoholic cold chocolate, need to make that myself
2. Hello from my adorable vintage house 
3. With my auntie, at Greek Amphitheater, Siracusa
4. Mwah Mwah, I'm a monkey yay 

1. Homemade lunch for me and my lovelies 
2. Hello from my place, love this house and most of all my bedroom 
3. From Cefalu with love 
4. at Art Hotel  

1. Enjoying the sunny days 
2. In love with these minies ^_^
3. Panna Cotta al pistacchio, latest obsession : PISTACCHIO 
4. A big kiss from mother land 

♥ Kiki ♥

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