Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Insta-month with me

Hello there lovelies how are you all doing ?! I'm doing great, busier than ever with work and different projects, a great big news but I will keep it that way for a little more. I'm really sorry that I didn't have the time to post weekly and I used to do, but summer has kept me busy with a lot of activities. But you can keep up with me in my Instagram profile, I post there everyday so it would be wonderful if we had the same relation we have here, there 2 
Here are some of the best pics of the month, hope you like them and follow me in my Insta profile 
Enjoy and let me know how is your summer going, would love to hear :

1. That day's details, the necklace is the bday gift from my sister
2. The other day's details, my DIY shirt and ring + Victoria Secret Bikini 
3. Just a random shoot when I was out with girls 
4. Booze shopping, yay me 
5. Cooking green vanilla pound cake with Brazilian music
6. "Bitter Kiss" cocktail 
7. Hip-Hop night out 
8. A shoot with my Romwe dress 
10. A picture of mine smiling, I don't know y I love this one, I even put it as Facebook profile picture :P
11. My nectarine and cherries cheesecake - the recipe HERE 
12. My strawberry cheesecake, recipe at 11 
13. Happy me eating ice-cream after a great job offer meeting ^_^ 

♥ Kiki ♥


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