Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet the Photographer (Ryan Simo)

Full Name : Ryan Simo

Profession : Photographer 

Origin : Albanian 

Currently living : Rome, Italy

 Official website :

-Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Ryan :P , 22 years old , i study for Editorial Graphic at Accademy of Fine Arts of Rome in Italy. ( that was the boring part of the interview :P)

-What got you into photographing? 

You know, when you're a child, you want to experiment everything! For me it was the photography,and from that moment on it was mine 

-What is your style as a photographer?


 -What type of cameras do you shoot with?


-Tell us about your job experiences through years, and about your current one.

I started a professional work on 2012 for Psikostil Magazine for 3 months ,after I started working for Anabel Magazine for about 1o months. On december 2010 I started working for Bindi Model Management, a really good fashion agency in Tirana. This agency gave me the possibility to work for the most important fashion magazines in Albania and do several fashion editorials and cover pages; magazines like Jeta ,Elegance, One,Shqip, Vip, M.Mapo etc. Also during my time at Bindi Model, I worked for Travaler Magazine in China.
After September, I went in Rome for study and there I started working for Alpa mode agency. At the moment I'm collaborating with other agencies, and on September I will go to Paris for the fashion week. 
 -Which Albanian and foreigner photographers do you admire the most?

In the actual Albania I don't have name; outside Albania I love Ellen Von Unwerth, Annie Leibovitz, Terry richardson, Paolo Roversi, Steven Meisel etc

-Is there anybody or anything you would love to photograph?

Yes, I would love to shoot Lana Del Rey and after that drink a coffee with her:P 

-Which is your favourite photo you have shoot and why?

Is this , i love it because its not about fashion , or beautiful weman ,or pussycat dolls … it's about the other side of felling and emotion , that staff that we cant show everyday , its about vibrating , hungry , not being perfect.

 -Any career goals?

My goals started from that experiment as a child! I have made the covers and the editorials for all the Albanian most famous magazines. But then I left Albania and now I'm living and studying in Rome, where I'm trying to experiment on new things and I've opened there an exhibition of mine. My pictures were also published in this month

The pictures published on : 

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