Thursday, October 11, 2012

Parfois - Great Opportunity

Hello there my lovely readers. How are you all getting along with school/work? I'm so busy with school and other activities going on in my life. 
This is a special post and also the first one in Albanian language as-well. Why Albanian? Because it has to do with Albanians and of course with all people who are in Albania right now. TEG is the biggest shopping mall in Albania and now the PARFOIS shop is giving you all a great opportunity to win 3, 2 or 1 accessories of theirs for free! So why don't you give it a shot ?! 

Te shtunen me 13 Tetor, Parfois do te fotografoje klientet qe do te vizitojne dyqanin dhe do te veshin 3 aksesore Parfois qe do te zgjedhin ne dyqan / Saturday October 13th, Parfois will photograph costumers who will visit the shop and will wear 3 Parfois accessories that will be choosen by them

20% ULJE - Ne te gjithe artikujt / 20% OFF - All articles 

Do te postojme fotografine tuaj ne faqen zyrtare KETU / We will post your photography at the official page HERE

Nga data 15 Tetor ftoni te gjithe miqte te votojne duke i dhene "like" fotografise suaj / From October 15th invite all friends to vote by giving "like" at your photography

3 fituesit qe do te marrin me shume "like" do te perfitojne : / 3 winners who'll receive more "like" will win the prizes :

Cmimi i pare : 3 aksesoret e veshur ne foto / First Prize: 3 accessories showed in the picture

Cmimi i dyte : 2 aksesoret e veshur ne foto / Second Prize: 2 accessories showed in the picture

Cmimi i trete : 1 aksesor i veshur ne foto / Third Prize: 1 accessory showed in the picture

Mos mungoni ne kete konkurs fantastik / Do not miss this fantastic competition

Ju mirepresim tek PARFOIS ne TEG / You are welcomed at PARFOIS in TEG 

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Hope you enjoyed the post(I know I did) and of course be part of it if you have the chance and time! I'm leaving you guys now wishing you're having a great night wherever in the world you are! Remember to be awesome as you truly are 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki

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