Friday, July 13, 2012

New In

Hello my dearest! How are you getting along with hot or not summer? Here in Albania is super duper hot and I'm almost melting, but yes I'm surviving :P 
This is a post I planned on doing since my birthday I would say, but never found the right time! Than new stuff entered in my wardrobe and so one! Some of these pieces you have seen before, some not! But here are the New In of this summer so far! I'm sure other stuff will be waiting for me! Hope you like them and let me know on how is your summer! 
P.S : Sorry for not being able to comment back and see your posts recently! I've been a bad blogger, know that :( !!!!
The new heels I bought for me! I love them so much and I will soon show the photo-shoot with this babies! 
My sexy bra haha :P
 The other pieces I bought 2 days ago! 

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Love, Kiki


  1. Really cute finds! Especially all the bags and that bicycle necklace, aww ^^

    Indie by heart

  2. your green bag is so pretty!

  3. Really great finds darling!


    Linda from

  4. great finds !! love the shoes and the clutches!!


  5. I loved everything u have bought, especially your sexy bra...:P


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