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How To Have A Flat Stomach

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Warning : this is going to be a long post but in the end of it you’ll know more about your stomach and how to keep it flat

It’s summer and we all wanna look great in bikini and if your definition of great it’s having a flat belly/stomach this post is for you my dear! Of course this post will lead you to the perfect flat stomach only if you have just a bit of fat/extra skin in your belly zone, otherwise you have to start exercising seriously and maybe some healthy diets will help! I will write another post on healthy diets, but right now let’s focus on flatting the stomach when you have a bit of fat in your belly. But before I start on explaining this whole thing on flat stomach I have to warn you that these tips are not going to lead you directly into flat belly. I’m talking about flatting your actual stomach and going to this your belly will start on flatting 2. But since I’m talking about just a bit fat in your belly these tips are not going to take longer. It depends on your organism and type of flesh, but 1 to 2(top) weeks and this post will start of showing some awesome result I promise. This post is all about making your stomach smaller, making it healthier, you it healthier and this leads you to flat stomach basically.
I read an article few days ago and I noticed that I do some of these tips that lead you on having a flat stomach. I’ve been doing these stuff for a long time not on purpose and not knowing that but because I’m used to it and I figured it was all good! Before going on that I need to describe you how your stomach looks and how it works! I have in my mind the picture of the actual stomach and I would describe you best if I would be on a video but since I’m not let’s put some imagination here. Imagine your stomach as an elastic ball as big as your fist(yes your stomach is as big as your fist) and every time you eat this “elastic ball” becomes bigger and when stomach start its work on reducing the food it gets smaller until goes as it was in the first place, size of your fist!

Here are some tips that will lead you on flat stomach :
  •  Drink lots of water and more important drink water before and after every meal. We all know how important water is for our skin and body, for hydration and to feeling good. But water also helps fill you up. And when you eat good and right food water will combine with this food and will make you feel good and filled up. It loses weight and compact your stomach. Think of your stomach as an empty glass. If you fill the half of it with water you will need to fill just the other half with food. And drinking water after the meal helps you flash all up and start the process earlier. I personally am used on drinking lots and lots of water during day and also while eating. If you don’t love water as much as me try doing your best, start will a little bit and every day more. Your body needs it, remember that.

  • Exercise your abs and body. I don’t like having muscles but this will not lead you to it, at least if you do it right. I have abs but they are all good and not bad showing. You need to exercise, run or walk every day, do different exercises in different body zones, the ones you need to improve. I prefer walking and I will recommend you that. I don’t like on having muscles as I said before and walking is the best answer. It also helps you on keep up in shape with your health too. All I need to tell you is to do something. Few exercises when you wake up or during day, start with 5 and then go with 10, 15 and so on. It’s never 2 late for it, just try on doing these exercises almost same hour (part of day or night). Have like a mind schedule on that. And having this abs you will handle the food by pulling it and flex up.

  • Eat 3 or 4 hours before bed. For example If you sleep at 1AM try not to eat food during 9 or 10, 11 and 12PM. The reason why is because when you sleep your body does not need extra calories, your body is focusing on burning off the calories from the day, digesting the food that is already in you. When you’re filled with food before bed your sleep will not only be as good as you would do you it when you ate 3-4 hours before it , but when you sleep you’re not burning calories, your body will turn that food that you just ate only before bed into fat. So if you don’t eat food before bed your body will not try to store access fat, so when you’re sleeping your body isn’t getting weight, it’s maybe losing weight. So instead of adding calories before bed you should get the away.

  • Eat food as much as your own fist (will explain that). The actual stomach it is that big and if you eat that much you won’t need to make your stomach bigger (because stomach becomes bigger when you eat and that it shrinks when it’s empty) and by doing that means extra work and probably fat 2. I do eat often during day (probably 7 to 8 times) but I consume small amounts of food. I was used this way as a child and I do same now. I think this is the best way. I feel stuffed at the moment I eat (small amount as I said, consuming water 2 of course) and then when I eat again my stomach is empty and that is great. What I mean with eat as much as your fist is that you have to imagine (pretty much not so strict) the food chewed sized of your own fist. Over eating will make you feel tired and sleepy. And if you fall asleep your will get fat ( as I explained at the previous tip)

  • Consume lots of liquids. I mean drink water, milk, fresh fruits squeezed (that is the best way of it) and also eat lots of soups (they are the best I think). And If you have an important event in few days and you wanna look best and by best is you need to feel loosen up that try to eat/drink as much as you can liquids avoids real food during days that you have this event (3 to days maybe), that will digest lots faster and you will feel and be loosen up.

  • Avoid sugar(I don’t like this tip)! Sugar burn into calories really fast and if we don’t exercise after it, it will go right into fat. Besides that you have to avoid sugar because when you eat sweet food you feel thirsty and by drinking water (probably lots of water) you will blow up/fill up and the stomach will start on becoming a “bigger ball”. But anyway I personally don’t like this tip. Thank god I have a great metabolism and I don’t get weight eating lots of them which I make myself as you all know. But sugar is bad if you over eat sweet stuff ( I know I still think I’ll die from sugar), but anyway my personal opinion besides all critic studies is to eat sweets, that is the best part of a meal to me, just it the right measure don’t over eat!

  • Wear tight clothes! Not tight pants because If you wear tight pants your stomach won’t be able to digest the food and the food won’t go down as it is supposed to. Wear tight clothes, this will make you more aware of your shapes and body; and you will wanna suck a little bit up. And this is really good, it’s like working those abs all day long without even trying, believe me it has worked for me, I think it will work for you 2. 

 Hope you liked my post and my tips! Let me know what you think of it and anything else you'd like to share! 

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Love, Kiki


  1. I've been working out for two months and eating healthy but I still have some way to go!

  2. HOT!!! love it!

  3. Hey Kiki! How are you? It was so good to hear from you again and I'm sorry it took me a little while to get back to you. You sound so busy with many things and I can totally understand because I'm in the same boat! My new semester at the college next week and I'm kind of overwhelmed with a lot of work but I'm trying to take it easy. It's so hot here too but then it kind of gets cold in the evening.

    I love your tips for the flat stomach! They're super helpful and I really need to start drinking water more everyday! Love you and talk to you soon! xoxoxoo

  4. When you are more than 20 if you don't go to the gym at least 3 times a week, it gets really hard to keep a flat stomach...I guess i must start going!!

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