Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snowy Saturday

Hello there dearest readers! How are you doing with this cold weekend? I'm doing most great! First of all I want to talk about something that is really important for me! Last week I did a Contest+Giveaway and since everybody says on these kind of stuff follow me here and there, and for example I don't have a Facebook account and sometimes this is a problem for me, so i thought of doing something more simple such as a header can you could show your creativity and talent! And I didn't got any email about it! I'm really sad about this fact and kind of disappointed! Even comments on that post weren't about the contest, but everything except it! Anyway I'm keeping the watch for myself and it's a great present from me to me, but I would like it more if someone of you would have it like a present from me!....
This is the first year in 10 or so years in Albania that is so cold. Finally we had the chance to have 3 sunny days and hot compared to others! Today we planed on going to Dajti mountain! It was so cool and I experienced my first trip to Dajti with cable car! The snow reached up to knee and it was such a lovely day for me! It was my first day I think of my life to play and have so much fun with snow(it doesn't snow almost at all in Tirana/Elbasan)
I had also the chance to do a photo-shoot and enjoy the rest of day fighting with my loved ones with snow balls :D 
The view :
Photo-shooting: Eranda, Julia and me. Here you have the chance to see the new blue sweater which I showed you on my last post(since Julia was wearing it :D)
 I was trying to get out the bench out of there! Ok Kiki it's an impossible mission! 
To have a great time you should of course have a great meal in a great place such as this one:
He is so adorable :
 Me tasting each desert and giving an opinion :
Mum and Lola(my auntie) the light of my eyes:
Drini, he couldn't miss the photo-shoot :
Let the game begin :
They put snow on my ASS, not kidding :

Hope you liked what I had for you today! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Love, Kiki


  1. Its so beautiful!!!!
    and thank you for sharing you lovely time with us, i like you outfit, so right for the snow!

  2. hehe, what a cute (and fun!!) selection of photos! Albania sure is a beautiful country.
    btw, I'm sorry about the giveaway.. I guess some people probably just have no time or the ability/programmes to make headers and that's probably the reason of getting no answers. I myself don't like making headers and my header is also made by someone else :) anyway, don't feel sad, I'm absolutely sure it's nothing personal.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. The view is amazing!
    Maybe next time not about header.. It's kinda difficult! Haha


  4. oh I want snow too :(

    thx for your comment..

    the pics look like you have a lot of fun at this day :)

    Wish you a nice weekend..

  5. I love when people post so many photos, it gives me the feeling that these people are real and I get more about this day. As I see u had a wonderful day :D
    I can't believe that it's in Albania, I always thought there is very hot :D
    Well, I have to say that this fur jacket won my heart! You are so beautiful!
    Much-much Love,
    Julie -


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